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 Aki Kori, The Kyuubi Host

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aki kori
Konoha Shinobi
Konoha Shinobi
aki kori

Gender : Female

Posts : 15
Points : 792711
Join date : 2011-11-25

Shinobi Information
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Aki Kori, The Kyuubi Host   Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:16 pm



Village of Residence:Leaf
Jutsu Releases:Katon,Raiton
Kekkei Genkai:

Kyuubi kunoichi

"Blue Bird"
As you awake from a dream into an unknown world

Spread your wings and take flight!

You say if you could fly, you’d never come back down

You only have eyes for that blue, blue sky

Appearance:Kushina was a woman well-known for her beauty. She had a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, violet-blue eyes, bright red hair that reached her ankles, with strands that framed both sides of her face and a yellow clip that parts her hair to the left. kimono-like blouse with a dark embroidered border and loose sleeves, held closed with a dark coloured obi, a dark skirt and stockings that stopped at her thighs.
Personality: talkative and a tomboyish girl. very level-headed and cheerful. Despite her calm and kind demeanour, she still had a slight temper and could lash out at others at times
Likes:white sauce surger ramen, Kyuubi, Flames
Dislikes:People who look down at kyuubi, sour ramen, large body of water
Strengths:She has natural cunning and intelligence thanks to kyuubi. Aki has high regenerative abillitys as well making any small wound heal in a instant. Her hair changes color depending on amount of kyuubi chakra she is using, such a pink is little and hot red when allot.
Water jutsu is a disadvantage for her due to her being a katon user. Sometime The kyuubi would relentlessly seize any kind of opportunity for it to usurp control over Aki and tempt her to completely break the seal.

4,5 ft, 130 lbs

"your always free"

Primary Weapon:Fire
Secondary Weapon:Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon:

Blue Bird

"It's better to die fighting for freedom than to live life in chains."




Collaboration Jutsu:

[Total Jutsu]

{D} - 0
{C} -6
{B} -
{A} -
{S} -

"Keep going forward, never look back"

Tail beast cloak

Prior to Aki's birth, her parents and the Hokage knew that the seal that kept the Nine-Tails within Mona would be in danger of breaking during childbirth. So the only way for it not to break loose, Mona transferred the seal into her baby girl. However, immediately after Mona gave birth, A couple of strange ninja ambush them. Her Father was brave and powerful and after a long fight he won, but sadly he have become Incapacitated.

Aki mother took care and loved her threw her childhood, making breakfast and teaching her how to handle the kyuubi. She got High grades in the academy and was popular despite being the nine tailed host. aki became well known for her smarts and fighting skills as she began to progress in becoming a genin. At the genin ceremony her father who is still Incapacitated but shockingly her gave a small smile. The Hokage gave her the honor of being a genin and tell her of being careful as well as coming to him if theirs something wrong with the seal.
Extra Information:


"Fight till the bitter end"

Best Way to Contact:

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Suna Shinobi
Suna Shinobi

Gender : Male

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PostSubject: Re: Aki Kori, The Kyuubi Host   Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:51 pm

Please use the template for the bingo template, not your usual character template. Click
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aki kori
Konoha Shinobi
Konoha Shinobi
aki kori

Gender : Female

Posts : 15
Points : 792711
Join date : 2011-11-25

Shinobi Information
765/765  (765/765)
200/200  (200/200)
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Re: Aki Kori, The Kyuubi Host   Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:18 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Aki Kori, The Kyuubi Host   

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Aki Kori, The Kyuubi Host
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