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 Kaguya, Jojo

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Jojo Soren
Konoha Shinobi
Konoha Shinobi
Jojo Soren

Gender : Female

Posts : 79
Points : 796653
Join date : 2011-12-18

Shinobi Information
1275/1275  (1275/1275)
1410/1410  (1410/1410)
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Kaguya, Jojo   Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:44 am

~The Basics~

First Name: Jojo
Last Name: Kaguya
Age: 26
Rank: Jounin
Village: Konoha

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Female
Blood Type: A+
Clan: n/a
Kekkei Genkai: n/a

~The Physics~

Jojo has a thin smooth face with soft skin. Her cheeks are average in muscle tone and confinement. Her lips are plush with a light shade of pink. They normally line upwards with a smile. However her social face is with a caring mother complexion. Jojo's eyes are keen with gold. Though her pupils are oddly large for dilation. Jojo's hair is green and strait. Her hair goes strait down to her butt. Her hair has naturally been cut but has also been treated plenty of times with small time trims here and there. Her green hair is unnatural.

Her figure is very feminine in admiration to most boy fantasies. Her breast are over average with the bulbous size of D-cup. Her thin gut line comes from her small weight and tall height. She has long shaved legs. Her skin tone is naturally tanned white. Through this her figure is seen as a beauty that can not be taken. Her cloak is of the white shade while underneath she wears a tight fitting ruby tunic. Jojo's secondary weapon pouch is located on her right leg's thigh. This is her civilian and work appearance. She also wears her gear nearly all the time whether under or over her clothing.

Jojo has a few scars here and there and those include the tattoo marking across her back as well. She has the scar that looks like a pitchfork over her heart. She also has a crimson dragon tattoo on her back. The dragon covers most of her back with wings and tail. The dragon was made from blood ink that has long past dried over.
Clothing: Wearing a white kimono styled strait jacket that is unbuckled and can not hinder her movements. (Check pic for reference)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs

~The Traits~

Likes: Surprise? It is one of the many things she likes to happen, though she doesn't appreciate being the target to it she likes being the one to advocate it. Another surprise, not really it is just that she loves the thought of dieing with ice. She would die with ice if her decision was such but she also sees the beauty behind the frozen water. Graveyards for they hold ancestrial history and other enjoyable histories that she loves to know she remembers. Practice; as in, loving the one thing she knows is her most futile weak point. She knows her attempts at face to face battles is an immediate danger until she trains effectively.
Dislikes: Masquitos: come on, they're blood sucking bugs that remind her of vampires, Why wouldn't she hate them? Spiders: Another kind of blood sucking pest. Same reason why she hates masquitos she hates all blood suckers. Unlike her others dislikes she hates it when people talk so big then go and get hurt because they think they are totally impossible to be harmed.
Personality: Some of Jojo's worst topics of discussion insist on destroying others. War is never her favorite option as she despises such measures as she would merely fight to end it as soon as possible. She likes to cave, swim, hike, and kiss. That would be the oddest bit of her is that she will kiss the most random people that could be seen. Even though she swears she is strait and only likes guys she will kiss girls at random. She has only this one persona that can not do much with aside from defend. She is the absolute defense in this. She lives to protect human life but not to follow its standards of living. She is often seen as a heretic or pessimistic and at times a masochist. She is many things while living the life to protect those she can not stand to see harmed.

Jojo does not appreciate harsh amounts of tone and anger with people being short to her. Short as in angry, questioning, etc. She is flawed in the aspect that she has personally hated her family and due to this has made them pay the final price. This still haunts her in her nightmares so another thing she does not like is nightmares either. One thing she will never get to accept is persons whom kill without question or motive. She has trained well these past few months. Her training exceeded even the highest of expectations. She has learned much and that shows her dedication to her life's goal. Her life goal being the protectionist of her village. To become an angel of the night. With this dream she can protect anyone within her village and that is what leads her on.
Attitude: (I don't feel like posting it twice so look in the personality cause it is in there)

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: 1 Souba Katana
Support Weapon: 4 Kunai
Support Weapon: 2 Shuriken
Support Weapon: 12 Senbon

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Medical Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Lightning
  • Main: Yang
  • Sub: Black Lightning

Special Characteristics:
Master of Lightning: All lightning techniques cost 25% less chakra to use.
Black Lightning: All lightning techniques become black and are given a +10 to their damage factors
Medic: +20 chakra pool to where that twenty can only be used by a medical technique
One Handed Hand-seals

All medical technique require a 25% to their initial chakra use
Can never learn genjutsu kai
Can never learn any techniques that are not of the lightning or medical breed.
    Chakra oriented techniques (aside from water and tree climb/surface)
    Yang Techniques


E: 3
D: 1
C: 4
B: 4
A: 2
S: 2


[b]Damage Points:[/b]


~The Story~

Family: Dead
History: Jojo of the Kaguya loved swords… as in toyed, gave names, and played with them. She was born in the storm village capital during a sand storm so bad that for three years they remained in the hospital. But this had no fault to her growth. Instead, it increased her mental capabilities. She grew quickly to memorize and know how swords were created, used, and repaired.

At age 5 she had her first technique, which was Medical Ninjutsu. It resembled a spike in her mind and Jojo thought of it as a sword in a way. It was a long spike that pierced an opponent in detail. Jojo picked up the art dancing quickly and after two days of trying to figure it out she had made dancing look like a baby’s game. Once she learned this she always would dance while training. Her grace as a dancer grew as she learned the assassin skill Shunshin as well.

While in the academy she learned as much as she could in that small building during the day. During the night she studied her clan’s scrolls about their jutsu. She had a huge interest in these scrolls. One day she would never forget and probably the biggest scar on her own self would be the day her segment of the clan was annihilated. She had graduated the academy and as a treat from her father went somewhere to hang out. They had a great time as her mother was guarding the clan scrolls that night. These scrolls told the making and foretold where each Kaguya family was located and also held a secret technique in each.

Anyways, while her mom was on duty there was a murderous act about. The murder was made by an unknown clan leaving only one dead body distinguishing themselves as Missing Ninja. They were masters of poison bombing. Jojo was given her graduation present which was one of the eight clan scrolls. When she and her father got home they were surrounded by blood of all their family members. They found Jojo’s mother clutching the last of the eight scrolls tightly to her chest. She was dead but her might killed one of the ninja assailants.

A week after running from that village and into another village a surgery was performed by the village’s medical ninja. They surgically removed the marrow of Jojo’s shoulder blade and replaced it with the scroll. They applied a preservation solution to her bones which would provide the equilibrium needed to keep the bone from shattering. Her father paid for this surgery to be performed and under his supervision he approved it through and through. The next day while Jojo was asleep he killed himself leaving a note for the kage after Jojo woke up.

For the next few years, all the way to now, Jojo trained in solitude. No one bothered her, no one worried, and yet everyone saw this young woman shape more and more into an obedient tool just like the sword that the ANBU use. Jojo, when she had been 17, had decided to venture the caves out in the distant shores of the main land. Little had she known she would be targeted and expiremented on. She had little hope of surviving the attack of this strange man whom wanted her for some reason as he had some kind of plot for her. She would become a different tool that day though.

There was darkness everywhere in this cave and inside it was some viles of different liquids and inside one vile was a snake speciman. She had tried recollecting the nights prior but found she could not as she had been knocked out and savagely experimented on by an old man with white hair and black/red eyes. She didn't know what happened after wards but soon her chest started to burn. She had something that caused pain their and through this she could expect anything as she was gasping for air. It was so hot to her as her body was being heated to such a hot degree.

Jojo would see the outline of a person hovering over her with a clip board and chuckling to himself as he did as she was hesitant yet was unable to move as she was over her gut pucking now as she glared at him with pain in her body and hate in her eyes. She wanted to know whom this was and before she lost conciousness again she had said in her small voice, "Who are you?" This was the last thing she said before falling asleep and once waking up again she was on the beach of her home country with the burning gone but the mark there all the same.

Years later she would find herself in the Jounin Exams with all the strength she could muster to that of her becoming a legend. Wielding her clan in tow she had to do the one thing that no one else but her could have when it came to the fact of a live or die exam. She was to camp out for three days and nights while fighting off the other two jounin who would also come along for the exam. Life or death was the question asked every day and to each their own only Jojo came out alive. Broken ribs were healed but signs of that occurring were still there with the bruises on her body. She however did become a jounin.

Her duties as a Jounin matched that of taking care of genin and taking them place to place and mission to mission. Her and the team of three she protected were well known though they were never given anything above a B rank mission till she had the honor of all her squad becoming Chunnin the same year. To celebrate they partook in their first S rank mission, an assassination. Not all went as planned however. Soon only Jojo and her star pupil remained having left only one out of the three pupils living who retired at such a young age at being a shinobi.

Years passed and soon Jojo would have her genin trainees having to meet certain standards to even make it to genin on her squad. She put her genin through rigorous exercise drills day in and day out sometimes. Eventually that whole group survived to become Jounin but that is a new story. On their way to becoming chunnin in the final showdown Jojo became a leader of something new...
Extra Information: n/a

~The Finals~

Alias: Thundering Medic
Best Way to Contact: PM
RP Sample: Jojo had awoken that day in a blissful rest. She had already known what the mission entailed but she didn't like it all the same. She was to clean up and help areound a chiken farmed owned by Mr. Watson the local butcher. She would be doing plenty of things to keep herself out of trouble but for now it only mattered on her list what she had to do so far. By just waking up she did her morning stuff first which was taking a bath, coming her hair, brushing her teath, the works. After doing these she would put on her white clothing that had locks and buckles all over it on.

She was a Jounin and for that she would do what she believed was needed and that was revisiting the basics and what is more basic than a E rank mission? She didn't live too far away from such a place as Mr. Watson's but it did entail quite a bit of running and climbing since he lived atop a mesa or better known as a butte land mass. She would however climb up it and with her ability to be like a monkey at times she continued to climb without reserve. She hated the way that she did this though. Due to the plenty of dead snakes littering in the climb she had to go the long way but she wasn't late.

Mr. Watson was outside waiting with an axe in hand and a bucket. "Ya know how to do this I presume." He had said in his raspy tone without and kind of delicacy as he held out the two things and then turned, "I want my lunch and dinner to be two seperate chikens that are aged properly. Don't get any funny ideas since I am not gonna feed ya any of it either. If you steal any then you are gonna be paying the village fee," He then left laughing to himself in the indecent tone she knew too well. None the less she would put on some gloves and start to work like a farmer.

Mr. Watson's farm consisted of the chiken coop, the garden, and the field of cattle with a single barn of horses. She knew she would have quite a bit of work but that was fine for her as she would sigh and plan out what to do first as the day began to heat up extrenuously. She didn't enjoy the idea of the heat rising but it was what she'd have to deal with perhaps. She would decide to do the garden last and work on the shoveling of manuer first. She knew where he kept shovels and would go out to get one of the scoop shovels and get to work.

She would head into the barn and notice something not there before which was such a high pile of the manuer being turned into a compost pile. It struck her odd that he would do this but that was fne as she would soon get to it and work on the appropriate land fill areas. Scooping it and then putting it on the compost pile as she sun began to rise higher and so did the heat to match it as she was burning up but not as much as if she were in that sun as she would have to be soon enough. She would however continue her work and fulfill the duties that entailed this mission.

Once finished with the scooping of manuer she would work on the chicken's and grab all the eggs first putting them in a basket and then pushing that into the storage room she had noticed for all eggs as she would then put feed all over outside the chicken coop so that she could see which chicken was the better one to do. She looked and watched as the chickens filed out and began pecking at the food as she would eventually see the perfect tannish feathered one that was quite plump and was the perfect choice to cook as she would grab the axe and coax the chicken to follow her.

The chicken died swiftly all the same as she would then begin to work on the 'cleaning' of the chicken and first off was preparing the hot water to boil and throwing the headless chicken into it and as it soaked she would head over to work on picking up some fine vegitables for the meal. About thirty minutes later she would pluck the chiken out of the water, slightly scalding herself, and then clip the chicken with scissors as she cleared away the feathers and the orangish feet as she would then have the perfect thing of a chicken there as she would begin the cooking process with the vegitables as complimentary food.

She was almost finished today while the old man was eating she would hurry up and working on all the other stuff as she would then hope to almost be finished as she had done the cooking for dinner when that came along as well as the work on the other animal areas and the absolute knowledge of the other parts of the farm. It was coming up on dark and the cool breeze circled around and she would then work on finishing up the garden. Picking up vegitables of the peas, corn, carrots, asperigas, and green beans. She would then file them all outward to the other area's as she would then come inside to see him sitting on his bum.

Jojo was heavy with dirt and tired out as she would hold up a single hand, "Finished, Now I'll be going home. See to it that you get to the mission house and pay the village." With that the day was finished and she was going to go to bed at her home to sleep nicely and unjauntingly. She was tired to the extreme and knew now that that mission was an endeaver of its own on her, until there was a slight burning on her neck now... "Why does this always happen right when I'm about to go to sleep!"
Rules Password: Correct

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Jojo Soren
Konoha Shinobi
Konoha Shinobi
Jojo Soren

Gender : Female

Posts : 79
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Join date : 2011-12-18

Shinobi Information
1275/1275  (1275/1275)
1410/1410  (1410/1410)
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Re: Kaguya, Jojo   Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:45 am

Name: Heal Bite
Rank: S
Type: Medical
Chakra: 150
Description: When the user of this technique focuses their chakra into a certain fashion they then allow the injured person to bite them. The person biting the sensor will then begin to suck out their chakra. In sucking out the Sensor's chakra the biter is then healed dramatically. All injuries except delimbing or death will be healed and a D Rank amount of chakra will be restored, however the depletion of chakra makes it dangerous to use this ability more than once a day and the bites always leave a permanent mark on the body. Each wound will take a different amount of time to heal depending on the severity and how long ago the injury was received.
    Minor Wounds: 1 post
    Mediocre Wounds: 2 posts
    Severe Wounds: 3 posts

Drawbacks: Can only be used once a day. Bite will leave a permanent mark. Due to the massive amount of chakra being used for this technique one must lose two times their amount of chakra to fulfill this technique. Can't heal yourself.

Name: Shosen no Jutsu (Healing Hands Technique)
Rank: D, C, B, A, S
Type: Medical
    D: 20
    C: 40
    B: 60
    A: 80
    S: 100

Description: The user gathers chakra into their hands, creating a bright green glow around them. The user then forces the healing chakra into the body of the patient, healing physical damage. This technique requires two posts to heal a minor injury and four posts to heal a major injury. Starting at B rank, the user is able to heal critical injuries with this technique. Critical injury healing takes 5 posts to heal; minus one for every rank in this technique above B the user possesses, to a minimum of three.
Drawback: Certain injuries may be impossible to cure or may take a long time to cure. The amount of chakra used is proportional to the injury required to be healed.

Name: Hone Chiyu (Bone Healer)
Rank: C
Type: Medical
Chakra: 40
Description: The user focuses chakra along their hands, creating a faint green glow along them. They then focus the chakra into the patient’s body, boosting calcium levels and encouraging the repair of bone breaks or fractures. This technique takes three posts to fix a break and four posts to heal a fracture.
Drawback: The bone will heal in the position it is in, therefore must be properly set in order for it to properly heal.

Name: Kenzan Metsuki (Seeing Eyes)
Rank: C
Type: Medical
Chakra: 40
Description: The user forms the hand seal, holding the rat seal and holding it in between their eye. The user focuses chakra into a lens on either side, allowing them to see inside their patient’s body in a small area, one roughly six inches by four inches in area. The user can perceive the chakra circulatory system as well as the inner systems of the body when looking through this lens.
Drawback: The user must be stationary when performing this technique.

Name: Dokutaika no Jutsu (Poison Degeneration Technique)
Rank: C, B, A
Type: Medical
    C: 45
    B: 65
    A: 85

Description: The user focuses chakra into their hands, creating a strong white glow. They then focus chakra into the patient’s body, causing it to rapidly create new white blood cells in order to fight off the unnatural substances within the body. When the user learns the "C" rank version of this technique they are capable of removing the effects of anything that is common for the certain Region over the course of four posts. When the user learns the "B" Rank version of this technique they are capable of removing effects of anything that is uncommon for the certain region over the course of seven posts. When the user learns the "A" rank version of this technique they are capable of removing effects of anything that is rare for the certain region over the course of eleven posts. Remove one movement for every rank of this technique the user possesses. If the user is unable to cure a poison with this technique, they may extend its duration by two posts for every rank the poison is above their knowledge of this jutsu to cure that poison.
Drawback: Strong poisons may be incurable or require large amounts of time to cure.

Name: Siren’s Kiss
Rank: B
Type: Medical
Chakra: 80
Drawbacks: Uses A rank amount of Chakra
Description: The medic coats his/her mouth with a layer of chakra and presses their lips on the lips of the target, sending his/ her chakra into the targets brain, where a large cocktail of different chemical matters will be excreted, including Melatonin, and endorphins, causing the target to go into a sleep that lasts four turns that is as deep as if the target has drugged with an anaesthetic. This does not work on targets that are of a higher rank then the user when they resist.
Overall Effect: Makes the opponent fall to sleep so that the medic can perform a complex surgery without the patient writhing in pain.

Name: Plasma Ball
Rank: B
Type: Lightning
Chakra: 90
Damage Points: 50
Description: User will create a plasma barrier around themselves to serve as a defence which protects them from incoming attacks, even from something as wide-ranged as the Quicksand Waterfall Flow. They can rush at their opponents even if the barrier is active.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaguya, Jojo   Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:11 am

After reviewing your application, your character has been approved! You may now start your Role-Playing adventures! Please first stop by the Bingo Book and add in your Character Sheet.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaguya, Jojo   

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Kaguya, Jojo
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