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 The Phantom Knight [W.I.P]

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PostSubject: The Phantom Knight [W.I.P]   The Phantom Knight [W.I.P] EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 1:18 pm

~The Basics~

First Name: Kyrn
Last Name: Novatsu
Age: 28
Rank: Jounin
Village: Kumogakure

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: O-
Clan: N/A
Kekkei Genkai: N/A

~The Physics~

Appearance: One of the remarkable qualities of the man known under the name of Phantom Knight, is for his astounding height of 6"7'. His genetic makeup allows room for further muscle development than the average man, due to that his physical strength is one of his greatest strengths; that being said he is quite muscular underneath all that clothing of his. Despite training in the outdoors he has a pale complexion, most people would find it to be quite odd as he should be quite tanned. There's an explanation for it thought, due to poor blood circulation his skin remains in its natural pale color; seeing as the blood doesn't circulate correctly his skin is also in a constant cold state, sweat doesn't flow as easily as well for his body is usually cooled. Again due to his genetic makeup his arms and legs are quite long, an arm is around the length of three feet, the length of his leg is around three feet and two thirds. In order to further improve as a swordsman as if his genetic makeup wasn't good enough, he had trained himself to become both ambidextrous and highly flexible; resulting him becoming a very powerful swordsman.

Kyrn has medium length blonde colored hair, letting it grow naturally instead of styling it; thought it can be described as natural styled. The side of his hair is long enough to drop to his jawline thus usually covering his ears from sight, the backside hair twirls slightly to the right. Due to high testosterone levels he has more body hair than the average man, thought due to the light color it isn't as noticeable but its still something Kyrn has shown embarrassment over. Over the years of training under the way of the sword, he had eliminated all traces of fat and converted them into muscle; resulting him becoming well over two hundred pounds. As a veteran shinobi he has several badges of honor throughout his body, mainly inflicted by blades and burns from ninjutsu which have all naturally healed over time. The biggest scar he has would be a diagonal slash from his left shoulder to his right hip. A gnash on his right shoulder and a small one from the left side of his nose to his jaw; going through his lip. He has thin eyebrows which under them lay his gray-blue colored eyes are in a natural squinted shape; giving him more of a serious look.

Clothing: He wears what appears to be a thin tight black colored stealth suit, with white colored outlining for mere fashion sense. The top of the suit is fabricated in a muscle shirt like fashion, allowing Kyrn to have high mobility when wearing it. The pants of the suit is made of a different material causing it to be less thin but due to its elastic like material, allows Kyrn to use his legs without an hindrance on his flexibility. Underneath it, there lies two white colored cloths attached to one another with string to the front, which covers only the top part of his chest; a part of it can be seen from the side of his stealth suit. Directly underneath it is a gray colored bandage that covers his stomach to the bottom part of his chest, if one paid attention to the small gaps on his stealth suit, one would be able to see them. He wears a belt that is composed of his ninja headband, metal and brown leather pieces tied with black colored string, this belt is used for holding the sheath to his blade and to ensure that his white overcoat doesn't fall off; which is used to compensate for his cold state. From the neck up to his nose, his face is hidden because of the collar of his stealth suit which people rarely see due to this. Around his neck he wears a black metallic collar, along with several necklaces with a long beaded one at the end, he wears several bracelets on his right arm and on each finger he wears a ring.

Height: 6"7' [2 meters]
Weight: 242 lbs [109 kg]

~The Traits~

  • Training: At first he hated training, it did nothing but exhaust him and cause him muscle aches the next day. Though as time had passed, he had finally liked training. Not for the strength that it gave him nor for it being healthy but rather for.... endorphins. Whenever a person does exercise long enough, he begins to experience pain where most people would stop and rest before attempting the exercise once more. But if one pushes past forth the pain and continue to train, the brain releases endorphins a type of hormone which grants the person pleasure after exercise. After which the brain removes the pain barrier and extends it further away, Kyrn liked the feeling of pleasure after exercise and found it rather fun to push past his limits; making a game out of it.

  • Genjutsu: Nearly every ninja practices only ninjutsu or taijutsu or one of its deviations, but no one tends to use genjutsu in actual combat, resulting in having poor defense against genjutsu. As such most people are weak against it, Kyrn had simply started learning genjutsu because he liked the idea of being one of the few ones in something. Made him feel more special as to say. This obviously gave him a bigger advantage when fighting against people, combining his genjutsu with his kenjutsu skills he had eventually gained the alias of Phantom Knight. A powerful swordsman that breaks down reality after each and every swing of his blade.

  • Freedom: He likes the idea of freedom, where one may do whatever he wants to his hearts content. Not being bounded by rules, people/society and the like... where one may simply be as one is. Though this is not something a ninja may have, a ninja is forced to complete missions and risk his own life for the benefit of the village. Where one must abandon his morality and own personal feelings for the convenience of others. Kyrn may only dream of such a thing and he longs for it, due to his questionable loyalty to the village [Hokage, ANBU and some Jounins have only suspected of this due to what he says at times] he had never been promoted to ANBU or a possible candidate for the title of Hokage.

  • Excitement: Kyrn is a constant thrill seeker, he does whatever he can to make sure that he doesn't experience boredom; an emotion that he greatly dislikes. Due to his nature he tends to gamble quite a bit, mess around in fights if they don't particularly interest him and the like. Due to his gambling he either wins a lot of money or he loses nearly all of it, as such you may generally find him eating in a high class restaurant and the next day he may be at the local ramen shop. Due to him seeking thrills he had gotten quite addicted to gambling as well as greedy. One of his personal beliefs is that if one has enough money, one can buy anything that he desires; thus the reasoning behind his greed.

  • Understanding: Kyrn is a extremely curious individual, to the point where he wishes to understand everything. How an object or a jutsu work, why a human being thinks the way he does and well... everything. As such Kyrn knows quite a lot of information which he mainly learned from his travels around the five nations [Due to missions] and as such, he's usually the first person you'd want to ask a question for he may as well give you an answer.

  • Alcohol: He doesn't enjoy drinking anything alcoholic, since personally he dislikes the taste of it; he finds it amazing that people willingly gulp it down. He finds it even more amazing that people continue to drink it even when its a fact that drinking too much makes one depressed, may cause liver failure, kills brain cells etc... But there's also another reason why he dislikes alcohol... he can't hold his liquor. After around drinking one hundred milliliters of ten or so percent alcohol he'll be drunk. While he is drunk, he's a lot more prone to tell information that he isn't willing in sharing and he tends to be a rather angry drunk, thus endangering the citizens if he should ever drink.

  • Ninjutsu: He dislikes using ninjutsu, not because of difficulty or anything of the sort but its just too... overused. Nearly every shinobi he had ever met specialized in ninjutsu to a great extent, he didn't like the idea of being a part of it and as such he took the genjutsu road. That being said means that he doesn't tend to use ninjutsu and relies on his genjutsu, kenjutsu or even taijutsu. Just not ninjutsu. Because he had rarely used ninjutsu his ninjutsu is just horrible.., genin who are prominent in ninjutsu are most likely able to match against his ninjutsu skills.

  • Sex: Kyrn dislikes the idea of sexual relations, mainly because people simply don't attract him to such a level; more than anything he finds genitals to be rather disgusting. Because of this demeanor of his, his sexual orientation is Asexual. He doesn't show discomfort whenever a situation such as that is presented to him, though he does avoid it as much as he possibly can. Hoping that a collected tone and rejection of the offer would settle it. If not then he'll simply use force to get the person away from him. Due to all of that, he's a virgin; he hasn't even given a hug or a kiss to anyone besides his family. Though he is thinking about it as of late, he believes that he will need an heir to inherent the style that he had created over the years.

  • People: He dislikes most people to a great extent, mainly due to his envious nature. He is envious of people even for the things that they categorize as "normal", he had been treated rather differently than others. Though to an adult it wouldn't really effect on their psych, being treated that way when the person had been a child would have an tremendous psychological effect. It had such a great effect on Kyrn that he became a psychopath, asexual, somewhat of a sadist and wanting what he refers to as "true freedom". He often feels different from others, something "special" as such he feels rather superior when he compares himself to others. [This trait of his may be changed during RP due to situations.]

  • Insects: More of a phobia than anything else, he is scared of other things but not to such an extremity. He's absolutely terrified of insects. One or two wouldn't bother him too much, but if there was a group of them or if they could fly he would be freaking out to some degree depending on how many there was. His phobia isn't based on how insects look or anything, it's mainly due to him imagining a situation where insects would crawl unto him and enter through his nose,ears, mouth etc... and then devour him from the inside out. He knows that it is a stupid reason, though he just can't help it...

Personality: He is known to be a kind and thoughtful person throughout the entire village, known to be one of its own heroes. His appearance within the village instantly eases any insecurities within the citizens, as if with him around nothing could go wrong. A person that everybody seems to trust with their very lives. Though, its all a lie. His actual personality is nothing of what he pretends to be; he'll never forget how they had mistreated him during his childhood. As such he had became emotionally broken to a degree, he no longer feels any empathy towards others or has any sense of morality. He became what people call a psychopath. A being who just doesn't care about the welfare of others, who doesn't mind using them for all they're worth. A being that isn't restrained by morality. He is the ideal shinobi; at least on the psychological level. In order to fit in with other people he mimics them, he copies how they act at certain situations and thus his identity of a psychopath is hidden from others. The man that everyone believes to know all about, is nothing more than a fake. His kindness, his beliefs, his morals... everything, is fake. Therefore nobody knows him for who he is.

Every waking moment, Kyrn continuously hears voices in his mind which had caused him to go mad, Which only caused him to be more damaged than he was before. These voices that he keeps hearing belong to the demon that resides within himself, the Hachibi. The Hachibi is likely to be planning to further break down Kyrn in order to gain control and free himself from Kyrn. Throughout the fights that he had participated in, he always takes his opponents weapon should he win and simply seal it into a scroll for practical use. He even actually uses these weapons during his fights from time to time, though none of them seem to have any unique properties beyond their sizes or being able to conduct chakra from the user. He mainly does this due to his somewhat sadistic nature, after all there is no greater shame to a weapon user than having their own weapon taken away from them. Despite him being downright broken to a psychological level, his intelligence had only been positively altered. His ambition is a simple thing, wanting to rule the entire world so that he may experience what he refers to as "True Freedom".

Attitude: His attitude as explained previously is that of a man who is just simply downright pleasing to be around with. A kind, caring, reliable, honest and polite person which causes most people to trust him. Though his demeanor causes suspicion among the higher ranks of the village, its as if he's hiding something some would say. This attitude of his doesn't even change during his spars or whenever someone is trying to rile him up. He simply just continues to smile if its appropriate enough and keeps his cool. He even seems to obey nearly every order of the Kage without any question and only speaks in defiance if it seems to be morally wrong, Causing the villagers trusting him all the more and keeping the Kage relatively pleased with his actions and words.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Longsword
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon: Summoning Scroll

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Genjutsu
  • Sub: Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Raiton
  • Main: Katon
  • Sub: Fuuton

Special Characteristics: He had developed two different fighting styles unique to only him, the first fighting style makes use of his instincts and of his dexterity more so than the use of his brute strength. This style tends to favor the use of his acrobatic skills, while it does cause him to exert more energy than necessary its also an highly unpredictable way of fighting. It just seems as if Kyrn is simply making up the moves on the spot, how can you defend against an unorthodox style that you've never seen before such as this one? This style typically makes him use his excessive amount of weapons that he has within the scroll on his person. Now for the style that gave him the name of "Phantom Knight" this style is literally a combination of his genjutsu with his kenjutsu skills, which causes him to use more chakra than he would by using genjutsu alone but he inflicts damage to both the mind and body thanks to this style.

Kyrn excels in the use of genjutsu as if he's some sort of\ genius, as such his genjutsu techniques are a rank higher than they should be. Meaning a D-ranked genjutsu would have the same effectiveness as that of a C-ranked one, while using around the same amount of chakra as the rank before. As such, in order to resist a D-ranked genjutsu of his you'll have to be able to resist a C-ranked genjutsu for it to be resisted. As such genjutsu beyond that of S-rank is achievable.

Flaws/Weaknesses: Kyrn has no control whatsoever on the bijuu that resides within himself and as such is unable to use any abilities granted by the bijuu until he has gained some mastery over his bijuu, Kyrn despite being so imposing as a weakness that is present at nearly any fight. He can't fight 100% without his weapon, as such if its taken away or otherwise unable to be used at the moment, he can't use his usual fighting style and is forced to use general genjusty, taijutsu or kenjutsu.


E: 5
C: 1
B: 1
S: 1



Damage Points:


~The Story~

Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Alias: Nix
Best Way to Contact: PM, though e-mail is fine.
RP Sample: (You only have to do this for your first character)
Rules Password: Will of Fire
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