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 Shinobi Reborn

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PostSubject: Shinobi Reborn   Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:19 pm

T he world remains in tatters. Years after the Bijuu ran a muck and nearly destroyed the world of all inhabitants, the world still remains in a state of chaos and confusion. As of now, the Bijuu still remain to be found, after their Cataclysmic attack on humanity.

However, survivors of the attack are scarce, but still existent, and have once again began too colonize, like their ancestors, riding on the hope that they will not face the same fate. But, the two largest groups of colonists are unknown to each others existence, living in isolation, hoping there will be some miracle for the world to get back on it's feet.

However, a clan of Oracles took center stage, foretelling of their abilities to reverse the aging in someone, refilling their life force. This was particularly important, for it gave these "New" Colonists a certain security they'd been lacking, knowing they had someone to look over them. These Oracles are Immortal, but refuse to teach any shinobi their powers.

Also unknown to each settlement, these Oracles existed in each one of them. They are the only survivors of the clan. The Village Kages are the only ones who know the true location of their village's Oracle. Though the Oracles can essentially reverse time, only a select few had been chosen to be what is Called "Reborn".

Shinobi Reborn. Rebuild the Villages, rebuild the World. It very well may come down to you and only you. With the threat of the Bijuu still alive, it is imperative we be made strong. And you can help. Join Shinobi Reborn, and help the world regain it's former glory.

Join Now, and be the first shinobi to experience being Reborn!

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Shinobi Reborn
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