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 Puppet Template

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PostSubject: Puppet Template   Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:26 pm

This template cannot be modified in any way

Puppet Name:
Range: (See below)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary)

Weapons: (Include here the listed weapons and their locations...)

[Weapon / Weapon Location]


Puppet Name - Self explanatory.

Rank - Puppets follow the same rank as jutsu. That is as follows: E, D, C, B, A, and S where E is the lowest and S is the highest. Genin puppeteers may create and use puppets in the E through B range. Most Genin puppets will use C-Ranked puppets. B-Ranked puppets require the use of all ten fingers to control and Genin will have trouble using some, if not most, of their specific functions. Chuunin puppeteers may create and use puppets in the E through A range. Most Chuunin puppeteers will use C-Ranked and B-Ranked puppets. A-Ranked puppets require the use of all ten fingers to control and Chuunin will have some trouble using their specific functions. Jounin puppeteers may create and use puppets in the E through S range. Most Jounin puppeteers will use B-Ranked and A-Ranked puppets. S-Ranked puppets require the use of all ten fingers to control and they will have very little trouble controlling some of their specific functions.

Range - Genin may control a puppet at a maximum of 10 meters. Chuunin may control a puppet at a maximum of 25 meters. Jounin may control a puppet at a maximum of 45 meters.

Type - Self explanatory...

Description - Give an in depth summary of the puppet's appearance [weight, size, length, color, etc], any unique abilities it might have, how it is carried or transported, and anything else you think you might need to include. This section must be four lines or more. No exceptions. Whining will not be tolerated, so please refrain. If you find it so incredibly impossible to write four lines or more, ask for help.

Weapons - This, probably, will be the most controversial section. List all the weapons included on your puppet and their locations. When designing a puppet it is important to keep in mind that weapons will take up space and will make your puppet heavier as more stuff is added. As a singular rule, a puppet must be able to move. Anything that you could not move with chakra strings should not be made. That is why it is especially important to include weight in your puppet descriptions. It will tell the Moderators [and others] how fast or slow your puppet will move. Internal mechanisms are important as well for puppets. Use your best judgments, but a word to the wise that "just because" isn't going to cut it. Gears, weights, pulleys, and a whole other matter of machinery is important to consider. Also consider that most, if not all, puppets will be made of wood. Metal will make your puppet much, much heavier so try to stay away from it if possible. The number of weapons will differ from puppet to puppet, but try to stay under a maximum of seven weapons per puppet.

After writing a brief description about your puppet's weapons, items, abilities you must put a stock of all described weapons at the bottom of all of your writing. It will be in the form "[Weapon / Weapon Location]". NOTE, this does not mean that you can simply put [Senbon launcher / forearm] for your weapons descriptions. You MUST write about where the weapon is, what it does, and how it works. Without the three aforementioned specifics included, your puppet will not be approved.

Additional Notes - Genin puppeteers may use a maximum of two puppets at once. These puppets must be C-Ranked or lower. Chuunin puppeteers may use a maximum of five puppets at once. These puppets may include up to three B-Ranked puppets and the remaining two may be C-Ranked puppets or lower. Jounin may use a maximum of ten puppets at once. These puppets may include up to five A-Ranked puppets and then five B-Ranked puppets or lower.

Puppet collections may only be used by Chuunin and Jounin puppeteers. Chuunin collections must have no more than 50 puppets. Jounin collections must have no more than 200 puppets. Certain exceptions may be made to these rules, but use them as simple guidelines. The puppets included in these puppet collections are far inferior to singularly used puppets. Be mindful that collections will not be very sophisticated. For what you gain in numbers, you lose in abilities and skills. Collections cannot be controlled through fingers alone. Another system must be created and will be included when you apply for a collection. Without it, you will be able to only control 10 puppets at a time.

[b]Puppet Name:[/b]


[Weapon / Weapon Location]
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Puppet Template
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