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 Sarutobi Clan [Finished]

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PostSubject: Sarutobi Clan [Finished]   Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:22 pm

Sarutobi Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Scarlet Eyes
The Scarlet eyes is the doujutsu that has been passed on through out the clan. The scarlet eyes have 3 main ability. The first is that it allows the user to 'see' the actual flow of chakra of a living thing and can 'sense' chakra in a 50 meter radius even if its suppressing its chakra. It also allows the user to 'feel' the air currents to determine the positions of anything solid. Which makes the user a good sensor. The second effect is that it gives them an enhanced speed. The last effect being not so good as the members loss a bit of the strength of their punch to compensate for their tremendus leg strength which gives them their fast speeds

This eye can only be activated at genin rank or above.At genin they can be activated for 25 post then need a 5 post cool down. At chunin the eye become permanently even if they try to deactivate them.

Clan Traits: Clan members normally born with Scarlet red eyes after 3 days their eyes return to normal a soft reddish brown color. Most clan members have a tattoo of the clan symbol somewhere around their body. After chunin the clans Scarlet Eyes become Permanent. They are also known for their natural fighting talent and strange leg based fighting style.

Home Village:Konohagakure no Sato
Clan History:The Sarutobi clan made its name in the last shinobi war, as a lean mean killing machine. There trade mark crimson eyes gave them the nickname of "The red eyed devils". Also known for their merciless killing, taking out entire towns innocent people and all. They began training at the mere age of 1, where they were expected to already be able to run and talk. Bit of time after the war they became peaceful clan trying to atone for their killing. But of course that didn't stop survivors from trying to take revenge, but strangely enough the few that were attacked insisted on not fighting and ended up getting killed, their crimson eyes wide opened were claimed as 'Jewls' by their killers. Some time later, their eyes were found by a merchant which sold them to the previous firelord as 'The scarlet eye jewls'. The firelord had a hobbie of collecting infamous body parts like parts of kages or famous people, making this eyes extremely priceless to him. He wanting more of the eyes sent mercenaries to the village to kill them and take their eyes. Having taken a vow of not killing they were mostly all slaughter till one of them went beserk after his entire family was killed and after attempting to kill the hokage went of to kill the firelord to reclaim the eyes of his fallen family but only to find that he had spread the Scarlet eyes to other collectionist. After almost killing the hokage and firelord he disappeared off as an S-Rank missing nin for his crimes. This gave the few remaining clan a bad life which either got them killed or made them live in secluded places. After a while they were forgotten and left alone becoming a lost legend.

Clan Leader: Itachi Sarutobi
Current Members:
-Itachi Sarutobi


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:
Name: Legs of the Devil
Rank: D-S
Type:Supplementary, Taijutsu

Damage Points:self

Description: The Sarutobi clans member are naturally born with high lower body strength. This allows them to reach insane speeds and developed a leg based fighting style known for its furry of fast kick. This makes techniques like body flicker not consume chakra and becoming one of the clans passive as it can be used even by academy students of the sarutobi clan. The power increases with rank. They can also, as long as they are moving, walk, jump and run on thin air.

Name: Eyes of the Devil
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary

Damage Points: n/a

Description: Because of the Scarlet eyes the sarutobi clans member are immune to genjutsu same rank as them and can break a genjutsu 1 rank higher then them.


Name:Hell's fire

Damage Points: D-S

Description:After training their kicks and speed tediously the Sarutobi clan member gains the power to heat their lower legs to a temperature so high that they glow bright red. This causes their attack to be more powerful because of the burning/ explosive properties of the kick. The heat of the attack can be so high that contact for one second would set a person aflame. It last for 15 post at genin, 30 at chunin, 60 at jounin and unlimited at sanin and kage.

Avalibility:[open but pm first]

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Sarutobi Clan [Finished]
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