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 Hokkai, Logan [Done]

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Suna Shinobi
Suna Shinobi

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PostSubject: Hokkai, Logan [Done]   Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:26 pm

~The Basics~

First Name: Logan
Last Name: Hokkai
Age: 25
Rank: Kazekage [If Person Doesn't Return, Hokage for ME]
Village: Sunagakure

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: A
Clan: Hokkai
Kekkei Genkai: N/A

~The Physics~

Logan is a black haired Hokkai clan member. He wears a white shirt, and within that he wears a black shirt on the inside including a black tie combination with his clothes. In addition, Logan wears black pants as well and Logan continually keeps his hands in his pockets. His height is around 4'7 being the average. Sure looking from the outside he may look skinny, but Logan when he takes of his shirt you can see his muscularity of his whole body. Despite he's only age 15 anything can be seen from a different side of view. Sometimes, Logan may change his clothes style time to time, but normally on the basic schedule, this cape, black shirt and black smooth looking pants are his normal use of clothing. No accessories are with Logan, the only thing that is carried on his back is his sword, Fortune Sword - フォーチュンソード. Logan always wears the same clothing, day after day, he has many sets of the same clothing. Although there may be minor differences in it, this is one of the ways that he ensures an ally can tell who he is. The clothing itself is nothing special, however it does make his appearance intimidating. Blood’s skin is pale, his arms are well toned as well as the rest of his body.
Logan then wears his Sunagakure headband on his left shoulder to represent his nation, Suna. His hair seems long, but that was when he was at a low age he had long hair, but now he has shorter hair, he has insane dark black hair as before it was dark blue. Since being in the Hokkai clan, he was suppose to have his black wind markings on his face but instead of his face is was placed on his right arm. He carries sharp teeth and a strong sense of smell and direction due to his Eagle senses. However most would not know of the bloodline, therefore being unaware of what he can do, making him more approachable.
Clothing: Uhmmm ^^ Above
Height: 4'7
Weight: 127 lbs

~The Traits~

Likes: Logan has many likes and dislikes, but in this paragraph I'll explain some.
Some LIKES are cooking, farming, missions & training. Logan enjoys all of these. Yes, it does seem like a list that involves work, just work but with cooking and farming, well its food for god sake! Food, the food we need to survive right? Well Logan loves to use his farmed vegtables and fruits to cook. Its something that Logan tends to think about after a long day of work. Although, it's something that he must do in his own living district, he feels like working on all of his likes. Relaxing, cooking, reading, training and of course farming. There are many likes that Logan enjoys, it may require work, but it never hurts.
What much can Logan do? He has alot of duties to fulfill anyways due to being a Kazekage. It doesn't bother him at all to do some work.
Regardless of the work he does for what he enjoys to do, he loves to walk around the village, despite being noticed by all the citizens and shinobi that walk by, he ignores what he hears and continues on his enjoyable walk through the village itself.
Dislikes: Well of course a big one, Logan hates stubborness. Many people are stubborn and Logan hates them. Stubborn people always tend to be annoying and mean. Am I not right? As well as the word "love", love everyone loves something or someone.. like your family. But, this is the love about BF and GF, well Teiko hates this like its the spotlight of this dislikes list. What is there to this 'love'? It's normal but then people make such a BIG deal out of it. Its like when in the Academy girls liked Logan, but Logan knew this would interfere with his Shinobi life so he ignores it. Otherwise, he would be doing things that are totally not related to his Ninja Life. Logan never likes the stubborn type as stated above, every time he meets a stubborn person, he always wants the reject the fact that the person doesn't understand what we do for him/her. It drives Logan crazy when others disagree on stupid things.
Out of everything of hid dislikes, 'LOVE' interferes the most with his life. He had realized years ago, he was cute and super smart, but even so, is it that important to those girls who act like this? Or is it just a habit to them? It's something that will make Logan one day shatter to pieces, well being sarcastic. Nevertheless can he ever take so much affection through just the life forms do all this, is it really necessary to do so when he have our lives??
Personality: Logan is the type of person that rarley talks. Sure he does at times, just not as much as the other ninja in his team. Being mature and not ignorant, he had been like this since he was 8 years old. Being the Academy, people had called Logan a "Teachers Pet" just because of his good marks in class, but instead of the complaining type of people, he just decided to ignore those students in the class. Logan was a learning type, not a slacker, he never liked to lack in class or on his missions/training. Its something he refuses to do, although those type of days to happen. Time to time, Logan may tell a joke or two just to let loose of his maturity. Nothing gets in his way, he doesn't care if something or somebody distracts him, instead of that happening, he just ignores or deals with it in some other way depending on the situation.
Logan's independence will also be part of his eventual downfall. He liked to be by himself in combat, but sometimes dislikes teamwork, but can stand it. He does not have a strong sense of nationalism at all, and could be convinced to do things easily if they involve adventure and freedom. He likes Ibaragakure, but he thinks inside that the outside world is more exciting and adventurous then in a walled in village.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Fortune Sword - フォーチュンソード
Support Weapon: Windmill Shuriken x2
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon: Kunai

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Fuuton
  • Main: Suiton
  • Sub: Katon

Special Characteristics:
Name: High IQ
Rank: C
Type: Mental Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: ---
Description: The ninja innately possesses a high IQ which gives them great practical and analytical prowess. They have vast knowledge in nearly all forms of combat giving them a upper hand when faced with nearly any attack with being able to execute split second counters. With their high IQ the user can determine weak spots in attacks and defenses and can overcome nearly any obstacle. Like the obvious benefits of being very smart, the ninja is well regarded for their great mathematical and thinking abilities.

Name: Photographic Memory
Rank: C
Type: Mental Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Description: The ninja trains their innate skill in photographic memory which allows them to remember everything with precise detail. From lost information to remembering told secrets, the ninja can hold onto the information for their entire lifetime.

Name: Strategist/Tactician
Rank: B
Type: Mental Based
Training Requirements: ----
Other Requirements: ----
Description: So speaking a very high, smart shinobi with high concept in anything at anytime. Having high intelligence, smart enough to make correct decisions and more. They can figure out small objections and problems that others cannot.

• Fast Hand Movements
• Hesitation
• Sometimes Genjutsu


E: -- (Unless it's Academy Jutsu as I won't post but will auto have it.)
D: -- ^^
C: 13
B: 10
A: 3
S: 0
Damage Points:

~The Story~

Family: Hokkai.
Father - Tadashi Hokkai - Age 56, Deceased
Mother - Kiana Hokkai - Age 54, Deceased
Brother - Kogan Hokkai - Age 28, Missing-Nin
Birth Arc:


Academy Arc:


Genin Arc:


Chuunin Arc:


Jounin Arc:


Kazekage Arc:

Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Alias: Logan
Best Way to Contact: PM Me on NBD 2.0
RP Sample: Tadashi looked up at the sky as the first fireballs descended. "Are you crazy! I thought this was supposed to be a friendly spar. Terranis, you may leave, I don't want you to be killed, go, go away." Terranis dissapeared in a cloud of smoke (Earth Golem Summon). Tadashi dashed straight for Kai. "Stand still if you don't want to die." Said Tadashi as he crouched next to Kai. He made actions as fast as he could until he finished. He placed both palms on the ground and tried to strap his body around Kai and said "Peregrine Falcon Drop!". The fireballs got worst, they molded into lava and started dripping on the floor damaging the ground and flowing out.

Tadashi below him and Kai burst up towards the air and hurtled past the dark clouds into daylight. "Breath slowly, the air is thin up here." Tadashi said while he stared down at the dark clouds below. "Did you seriously just do that? You do know that the you could injure yourselve. Maybe you should put more thought into your actions Kai. You just might have killed yourselve more people other than yourself. What do you suggest we do since it is your mess and I expect you to clean it up? I will help, but I just want you to know the consequences for your actions." Tadashi turned around and looked at Kai. He smiled and then laughed. "I'm kidding, but what will happen to the big crack on the floor? I have never encountered this Taijutsu before. I'm worried that it lava from under will flow to the village. Is this an issue? Or will the lava just dissipate before it reaches there?" Tadashi asked again. "I'm pretty sure that won't happen. It's not a big crack that can effect the Earths crust that bad." Kai answered being a bit ignorant.

"Yeah, maybe you should think that over while we GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! Look at that lava, you think it won't effect but Science wont help us here, you expect us to just stand here while all this under us happens?!" Tadashi screamed at Kai. "Well.. You've got a point now, but stop complaining! We're Shinobi, we can escape, we're not villagers that are not able to control chakra and do jutsus and all. You following?" Then I got his point, but then remembered that not far away 2 kilometers from here we had passed a village before we started this spar. "Uhm.. Right, about that, about 2 kilometers from here is a village Kai, we my wanna go warn them before we all die.." I confessed. "GAH!!! NOW YOU TELL ME THIS? Darn it.. Lets go Tadashi!" "Yeah!"
Rules Password: Correct

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Suna Shinobi
Suna Shinobi

Gender : Male

Posts : 19
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PostSubject: Re: Hokkai, Logan [Done]   Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:42 pm









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PostSubject: Re: Hokkai, Logan [Done]   Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:45 pm

After reviewing your application, your character has been approved! You may now start your Role-Playing adventures! Please first stop by the Bingo Book and add in your Character Sheet.
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PostSubject: Re: Hokkai, Logan [Done]   

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Hokkai, Logan [Done]
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