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 Training like a Minki

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Kino Minki
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PostSubject: Training like a Minki   Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:39 am

Kino would awaken in his room as the light of the morning sun entered through the window of his bed room. He would get up and put on his training cloths and made his way out of the Kage office. Kino was the Raikage, he could not normally get a peaceful day for training. He had planned on training the Minki Kekkei genkai, which was a doujutsu, a doujutsu which required a very large amount of training. So Kino had to make some time for his special training by planning a few days off for himself. As he made his way out the administration building he noticed the sun shine upon the village gates casting a large shadow. Kino made his way outside of the village headed for the mountains where the training areas were. Kino was the raikage of his village so he would have to protect it, this training would allow him to be better prepared for battle. The Minki clan eye, the kekkei genkai which is also known as doujutsu allows the user to do all sorts of things.
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Training like a Minki
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