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 Mitani Aishin

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Tekko Agent
Tekko Agent

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Shinobi Information
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Mitani Aishin   Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:05 pm

~The Basics~

First Name: Mitani
Last Name: Aishin
Age: 27
Rank: Co-Leader of the Tekko
Village: Tekko

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Female
Blood Type: O+
Clan: Tekko
Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu cost little to nothing (20% of the initial price). The Tekko are originally known to have killed off all shinobi with these skills. Other is the seals on their palms allowing them to completely summon many different weapons that can suspend the test of time. These weapons can end up becoming endless amounts of pain to those who are faced against them.

~The Physics~
Appearance: Mitani has long white hair from years of growth that is naturally white due to the Aishin family line. Her age however is different from how she looks due to the grande way chakra works in Mitani's system. Staying young and rejuvenated while this in itself have the potential to become a seduction weapon. Which she does utilize to it's fullest potential. She has a braid on the right side of her body that poses the white hair to seem longer than what should be even. Her eyes are a deep blue color like that of the sea.

Her pale skin is that of perfection and seems to never get dirty like an actress who comes out of a bomb zone (Sounds unrealistic but it does happen in more video's than you know). This skin is soft and plush as her whole body seems so delicate though her own mind set makes it so that it is near impossible to make it out into a different system. Mitani likes how her skin and beauty are unquestionable while her body has the age of an older teen. This has led many astray but no matter for she has killed those who went astray and punished those who put them in that position.
Clothing: Mitani wears black boots that go up to mid shin on her legs. Up higher she wears a dress that is knee length and is white with blue sashes and ribbons. Made of the finest materials in the world grant you. Underneath this dress she wears common undergarments but no bra as the dress itself tightly pushes the breast together and pushes them up to grant more seduction prowess. Next is the dark grey jacket that completely embodies her body. This jacket is long and also is relatively big for her. The leaves hold many weapons while her hands go unseen in them.
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 100 Lbs

~The Traits~

Likes: The idea of killing the shinobi, kissing persons to steal their jutsu
Dislikes: People she can not trust, being angry
Personality: Mitani is a very quiet and unselfish person by nature, keeping almost all that there is to her to herself. She has a hard time trusting other people, as she has met few in her life that were actually willing to trust her. Her mistrust for people has morphed her way of thinking over the years into a pessimistic view of the world. This clashes with her wants though, as she wishes only to help people in the ways that she sees best, because in her mind, because of her life's experiences, she believes the ways she sees best to help people are in fact the best ways to help people and that all should believe the same.

This belief has created a dormant and unbridled anger within Mitani that will surface occasionally, very occasionally. Because she does not believe in the ways and laws of society as it is today, Mitani is constantly frustrated when she sees things that should be different in her eyes but because of how the world is today is not. Because of this, often times Mitani will think quick, fleeting dark thoughts such as stringing a person up high by the ripped off skin of their fingers for striking someone unjustly. These thoughts, however, are in fact fleeting and the second she thinks them she is usually quick to chase them away before moving on with her life. She does not usually act on these thoughts because she knows that society would not allow them, and the second she tried she would be brought down.

There is a happier side to Mitani though, aside from all of that anger and frustration. While she has a pesimistic view of people, society and the world, she yearns for the day that all of that is changed and there is a better brighter world in its stead. She dreams of standing in a field of grass and flowers, holding the hands of all those she loves and cares about, looking up at the deep blue sky as the breeze gently blows the hair away from her face, and smiling. That is what she dreams of most; smiling. She so rarely smiles that it is almost a blessing that she remembers how. But if life were more to the way she wanted it to be, if life were a bit brighter in all of the dark, she imagines she might smile more and more often. She values beauty, strength, serenity, chaos, elegance, and the over all perfection that is so close at hand and yet is so far away.

Aishin will occasionally have random outburst of happiness and being hyper. When she is like this, there is no real way of knowing what she'll do. She is only out looking for fun and a good time. Sadly though, often after this sudden burst of anger comes a downward slope of sadness and depression that can last for a day or so. When Mitani sees something of injustice or just something that she generally doesn't agree with, especially in authority, she will go into a state of anger and violence, mentioned earlier in the app. If her anger is at all overflowed, like if she is kept in a room full of people who thought it would be fun to pick on other people for too long, she will grow quiet and scowling, keeping her eyes to the floor at all times unless spoken to, at which time she will glare angrily at whoever speaks to her. When Mitani is like this, one needs to be very careful. Because of her past and her overall personality, when she is like this, she will temporarily no longer care about people knowing she is a bad ass and will completely annihilate a person if she can, using whatever means necessary even at the cost of revealing her skill.

In summation, Mitani has four main sides to her personality; the default, quiet type that is normal around everyone, smiling occasionally and suppressing bad thoughts.There is the darker, more violent side to her that rarely ever emerges but when it does it is catastrophic to anyone else around. There is the wonderful peace loving side to her that yearns for a world holding hands. And, there is the Spartan warrior within herself, a warrior dedicated to the elegance of her fellow warriors and the amazing agility at which they fought with at ease. A person will rarely ever see three sides of Mitani, let alone all four. She keeps herself to herself so much that people only ever see her default personality and her warrior personality when she fights.
Attitude: Explained in personality

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Unknown (Due to being able to summon many)
Support Weapon: Unknown (Due to being able to summon many)

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Summoning

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Water
  • Main: Yin
  • Sub: Seduction Gloss

Special Characteristics:
  • Seduction Gloss element: By mixing the Water and Yin elements one may create a pheromone element that directly targets the opponent's brain with seduction which can be displayed as a possible genjutsu but while seeming like such it is ninjutsu and there fore genjutsu kai will not work. Pain however will work. The seduction gloss element utilizes the possibilities of stealing the entire arsenal of jutsu from the target.
  • One handed hand seals
  • Kiss of knowledge: Allows with one kiss the practitioner of the Seduction Gloss to completely know the history of the one they kiss.

  • Seduction Gloss element: The practitionar can not use the jutsu stolen more than once unless of the Yin or Water element variety. The jutsu stolen cost half the original jutsu cost even if the user is of the Aishin Clan. Pain can knock the target out of the element's grasp.
  • Genjutsu is extremely useful to take Mitani down.
  • Taijutsu is extremely helpful for taking Mitani down.

~The Story~

Family: Kosei Aishin (Brother), Hito Aishin (Father)
History: The history of the Aishin Daughter is one unknown though there are many legend portrayed to those of this viability. Mitani was born years before the knowledge that shinobi still lived took place. Before hand she and her brother, Kosei, both trained relentlessly as they no doubt knew legends and the past could be doubted. That in itself was just one of the many reasons why these two children trained so effortlessly. Along with this is the entire idea of them having their prowess realized ages before their father realized his. Mitani studied mostly under ninjutsu unlike most of the clan however.

She learned summoning skills of course but she preferred the skills of ninjutsu by far more than any of the others. She unlocked many locked doors including that of the Yin element where her brother couldn't. Twins that they were and equal in skill but one thing divided the two of them in her opinion and that was resolve. She however didn't have to bother with it too much as her resolve itself is unmistakable as she would train her hardest with the jutsu of kissing and seduction. Her proponents were notable high ranking officers of the entire league her father created and at a young age she assassinated fifty percent of the army with just kisses and small loves here and there.

It is appropriate to say she is not a virgin any more but she can easily know that her young age looks can fool anyone in the new regime that she and her brother created. This new regime was made after having her father been killed from a freak accident while just a few years after learning the shinobi still lived. This empowered her to fight even harder and train much harsher with the troops and her brother. She would undoubtedly keep this active and her skills were increased alongside her brother. Both of them fought as one and neither one would downside the other in hopes that it would not divide them... However this is the story of treacherous lies and not all is what it seems...
Extra Information: This is a request. Who ever kills Mitani may take her blood and all of the jutsu she possesses initially (as in this account prior to approval) may take and use all of the jutsu. The blood line however is not transferred. Only the elements and the jutsu known is transferred.

~The Finals~

Alias: Jojo
Best Way to Contact: PM Jojo
RP Sample: (You only have to do this for your first character)
Rules Password: Will of Fire

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Tekko Agent
Tekko Agent

Gender : Female

Posts : 7
Points : 792690
Join date : 2011-12-29

Shinobi Information
1000/1000  (1000/1000)
1000/1000  (1000/1000)
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Re: Mitani Aishin   Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:05 pm


E: 3
D: 0
C: 0
B: 1
A: 0
S: 3

  • Name: Kissing Mock
    Rank: S
    Type: Ninjutsu (Seduction Gloss Element)
    Chakra: 100
    Damage Points: n/a
    Description: This allows Mitani to completely steal and use any and all jutsu the target knows who befalls the kiss. No matter whether the jutsu is clan or blood line it will be copied and until it is used it will stay within memory and arsenal.
    Drawbacks: Jutsu that are copied may only be used once unless the jutsu is a water or yin styled jutsu.

  • Name: Kiss of Death
    Rank: S
    Type: Ninjutsu (Seduction Gloss Element)
    Chakra: Half the target's life. (IE: Target has 400 life. Spend 200 chakra)
    Damage Points: Death upon kiss
    Description: Upon kissing the target he/she will fall down choking to death while the lips of the target turn grey and perform a network of spider webs that tattoo the whole body as if being a disease or poison that eats away and kills the opponent.
    Drawbacks: Must have the chakra to use. If the chakra can not use you instead use your own life as chakra.

  • Name: Kiss of Sleep
    Rank: B
    Type: Ninjutsu (Seduction Gloss Element)
    Chakra: 80
    Damage Points: n/a
    Description: The user may put anyone to sleep for a whole 5 posts upon touching and "making out." The key ideal is that making out requires both parties to kiss for two post rounds without breaking it. Upon that the target will ideally be put to sleep for five posts. Anything can be done to the target during that time. However while using the Seduction Gloss Element the user can push the seduction to the extreme.
    Drawbacks: Must remain connected to each other for two posts before effects take place.

  • Name: Flooding Waters
    Rank: S
    Type: Ninjutsu (Water Element)
    Chakra: 300
    Damage Points: 280
    Description: By performing the needed hand seals the user may push their arms out and from that they may push all waters out into the open to create something of a river that floods the entire land. These waters can sweep away buildings with no basements, created land slides if the hands are pushed into the ground instead of the air. This is a devastating move that take a true master to perform.
    Drawbacks: The user can only use this jutsu once a thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Mitani Aishin   Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:25 pm

After reviewing your application, your character has been approved! You may now start your Role-Playing adventures!
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PostSubject: Re: Mitani Aishin   

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Mitani Aishin
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