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 Kai Fuuma (Finished)

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PostSubject: Kai Fuuma (Finished)   Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:00 am

~The Basics~

First Name:
Last Name:
Kirigakure No Sato

~The Blood Work~

Blood Type:
Kekkei Genkai:
~The Physics~

Well to begin with her physical attributes is very different then others, as a female she is expected not to have such a well toned out body. She use to be somewhat a good ghost when it came to skin color, and it seems as if as she got older skin color started to come naturally to her. Which means during winter time she loses a bit of her skin color to her being pale, but it’s barely noticeable unless you’re just staring too hard.

But other then that she doesn’t wear ear rings or any type of piercing on her body, she has normal 5’7 height and her weight is long forgotten but you could look and tell that anyone hitting that is going to be satisfied due to her very large breast and nice body. Her original hair color is black, but she prefers to change it time after time for reasons of her own life, feeling its quite boring having the same looks. Her current hair color as well as eye color is a nice light purple. Her hair length goes nicely to the end of her back, nice and straight.

She has quite a few outfits she wears through out different events, and to be honest she usually will steal an outfit but the one she likes the most which she carries by a special means is an…well a basically jump suit which is short sleeve in the sections of the arms and legs which at the end of the limbs show purple at the ends of the sleeve which in fact was a mistake because it wasn’t a sleeve but more a long glove for the arm in which has two valuable diamonds on her outfits on each arm.

Then she got these leggings which are made of some special fabric because they never seemed to rip at all, which is fortunate for Kai. And once again it has purple by it and due to the leggings being so long the outfit is perfect with the shoes and to top it all off she sometimes if she is feeling fancy decides to hit them with the shades.
~The Traits~

-Ninjas stronger then here
-Hand-to-Hand Combat
This section of the application would most likely be more difficult or at least more spread out. First the explanation of her main dislikes, dirty things, dirty people and most of all dirtying up herself which is ironic because she is quite a tough shinobi and can’t stand getting dirty and avoid getting her clothing or body dirty at all cost, so even though she could be fighting an opponent which could be three times more powerful then her she is still battling to keep herself as clean and neat as possible. She hate dirty people because its to her very unhealthy, especially for females because if they are musty then that means she can’t take care of her self DOWN there in her opinion and own words.

She has a low tolerance for half of things that go down in normal civil life which is why she enjoys being a ninja because she would have went to jail for murder a long time ago. She has a deep passion for being a ninja, she enjoys the encounters with opponents and allies, and depending on the situation she doesn’t mind losing as long as you can entertain her long in the fight. But with her past which is as bad as it is, she has a vast amount of knowledge and loves knowing things, she isn’t a nosy person she just likes finding things out, a habit is what they call it but a great interest is what she call it.

She is as quiet as a mouse at times, she has little to no fear at all due to her missing ninja past of what she been through. So many people tried certain things like ‘Killing Intent’ in which usually is like quick kills or fun depending on the user but to this girl right here it doesn’t work at all which leads them in a false sense of guard and security which most likely leads to the user death. Her thing on dating is something which is unusual, then again the same because she feels if she is going to have a boyfriend he has to be strong, and not just strong he has to be very strong and be able to interest her and overwhelm her with a sense of power and a special bond.

She is never a fan girl and the chances of her blushing are very much unlikely. She has an amazing amount of control over her emotions which is a great trait to have in which means the guy usually doesn’t notice it. She isn’t demanding, wait that’s a lie she is demanding when needed, never getting her hopes up for anything in this world yet. She can pick out real friends and fake friends, wouldn’t matter much because of the fact that she is always on the move she barely see them unless they are a missing ninja, a famous one at least.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: -
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon: Explosive tage

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Taijutsu - Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Fire
  • Main:
  • Sub:

Special Characteristics:
Chakra Recovery~
Lotus is considered by many notable individuals to be one of the most gifted shinobi in the Fuuma clan. One special trait given to the group "Lower power" when she was younger was the useful power of regenerating chakra at a gradually rate, even faster when focused. Her chakra is just a bit higher then that of her level. For the beginning of the process it won't regenerate as fast as it should, then as time goes on maybe a minute it will speed up to a gradually rate - while in recovering can only perform Taijutsu or the process will stop making it hard in combat.
Due to her body being adaptive to chakra, its not that tough meaning she can't take as many hits as a usual person would so that's below average endurance.

Fire Power~
Through training with one element for years and nothing else grant her very high affinity to fire. she fought constantly when she got to a certain age so she would be able to resist a certain amount of heat. She became so good at performing fire jutsu her fire techniques burn at least 2x more powerful or something of the likes. She is literally a master at the arts of fire, she is able to fight in the coldest places possible and produce the greatest fire. As she messed around just a bit in the arts of forbidden arts it enhanced her fire chakra and body to amazing limits. Weakness, Due to her such great skills in the art of fire she will never be able to learn another element unless given permission by staff for a more hot element.

Physical Attributes~
She at first was just a very much, below average village girl who could barely do anything. The fact that she fought the lower power when she got a certain age for training quite a lot who was very dangerous over time her speed and reflexes went up at a gradually rate. So she basically was fighting a S-Rank elite ninja on a at most weekly basis, they went soft until she could handle it , she did intense four months of training pushed her speed through the roof. Over all Lotus has above average speed and reflexes, while her weakness is most likely strength, if she wants some she would need the use of momentum or something because strength is something she doesn't have. {45% I know its a bit much but come on I only have one element}

Look up.

Next Post.

~The Story~

Fuuma Family
The birth of Kai was very special indeed but even though it was all sweet her happy family wasn’t all nice and dandy because she didn’t see her happy family for long. When she was about three she was put up for adoption. It took her up to the age of six for her to finally to get some adoption parents but it all wasn’t so bad, she learned how to cook well due to the parents being famous rich chiefs meaning she could basically get anything she wanted or desire. As she grew up she had bright emotions and had such positive attitude about everything and you could almost never take a smile off her face. One day as she was still six she met some random boy around her age, he had some large dream with becoming a ninja and it drove her to no end.

Her parents called her and him ‘Future lovers’ which they knew nothing about so they didn’t care at all which one thing that they had in common was. Her curiosity for being a shinobi wasn’t strong at first, but the way he talked about it and told stories hell and even bought stories to give to her. This completely changed her outlook on being a ninja, she wanted so bad but she felt she couldn’t just be a normal ninja she would need something special to catch everyone attention. She always had this thing for being different, so she looked for something different. Then she went on a research thinking maybe she could find some strong female ninja she could begin her quest of power with, with this research undergoing a different a more different set of emotions changing who she was.

A Way In~

She began attending waterfall shinobi academy about the age of seven and she was still on her research and then a few months before her birthday, it was a certain experimental plants that power up and gives all sorts of power to certain ninjas who either is desperate and rich or has some special purpose. This plant has all sorts of dangerous weapons and things in there in which was usually hidden until an observant of the plant accidentally dropped certain scroll in which explain certain information in which was suppose to be kept from open eyes. She manages to read it repeatedly until she found out what it truly was and she kept it a secret from the world.

As she thought about the information everyday one day she found the man who lost the scroll and of course he didn’t know she had it, so then she began to keep tabs on him and watch him. She found out that he is an x-shinobi and an underground worker for the village leader preparing and creating things in case of war and basically experimenting on things he shouldn’t for the good of his village.

Though she didn’t understand all that, she was more interested in the location of where he did all of this scary stuff. So she stopped for a moment, about a few months. Her birthday came and she hung out with friends and did social things in which was out of her character due to her quest for power.

She was eight and very smart, she was learning the arts of Ninjutsu pretty well, her popularity rate was high for the fact that she didn’t want to be popular, that attract all the hoes or in her case dudes so girls either wanted to be her friend or wanted her head on a stick. Finally she one day found the man and caught on to where the location may be, a certain noodle shop a secret entrance behind the garbage dumpster.

That didn’t quite mean she had to go in, she observed him for about a week, then finally once he left and went to his house she snuck in took his ID card and using transformation technique she went inside. As she went in she was automatically caught by their advanced sensor ninja, but before she was about to be killed a ninja stopped the whole thing and instead took her in to refuge.

Soon enough they let her go but she came back interested in the way they lived and soon enough they took her in and began being friends with the girl so she knew everybody but they wouldn‘t tell why she was there but they did understand that she was a academy student so they began to give her lectors and show her how ninja things are done.

She didn‘t ask any questions because she was happy to have older friends to help her out, she was told to keep there identity and location a secret and she understood and followed. So due to there guidance and help in training there was nothing the academy can teach her so at age 10, meaning while she was 9 she was doing anything she wanted she graduated with flying colors, due to her being in the same village Kazuzu was in she found out that he was quite legendary so she studied up on him and began using the same training method, she didn't like how his story ended, but she liked his moves and how he fought so he became her idle altho he died.

Lets Begin!~

Now the beginning of her year of being ten, she usually was quiet, she wasn’t going to get a team until she was at least twelve. She matured quickly physically, mentally and her chakra was always rising. Of course she kept training in the place with her special friends which they then told her more of what they were, the place was called ’Lower Power’ meaning there were all types of tunnels and secret places and stuff they had to life and who they are is kicked out ninja, a group of ninjas wanting to test out a new style of jutsu which is another kind of Earth Grudge Fear which the village leader told them no but they got caught doing it anyway and a lot of them was killed off but the ones who survived made an underground place right under the village waiting to seek revenge.

They expected her response to be different, but she didn’t care as she basically found powerful ninjas that were trying to do something new but wasn’t able to do it, she instead wanted more guidance and training. It took a while for them to answer until finally when she accepted what the risk of being caught is she began her training by the end of the year near her birthday granted her the training of the fire element. It took her a few weeks to completely study the element. Then after that it was non-stop fire blowing training, she couldn’t quite grasp the element at this point of time but she was able to master a few jutsu. They trained her to no end, she wasn’t quite a prodigy but she was a fast learner and becoming pretty good on her own but they had to do something about her speed, the more she trained the more her chakra became normal due to it being lower the usual.

So they worked on her speed and reflexes a lot even though she didn‘t have strength. Her Physical attributes were pretty good at this point, she wanted to make sure she was going to pass the test that a Jounin sensei usually give to see if their student qualify to be a shinobi or they would be sent back to the academy. She had already been excellent at close quarter combat, by taking lessons by a lot of the Police crops. Age 12 came around and she was coming along good with her fire element as she mastered more jutsu then a few years ago, and it was time for the Jounin-gennin meet up.

One day after getting something to eat she went home, told her parents then left to train. She went to a place with trees and began breaking them just to push her self to see just what she could do herself. Then she caught her teammates spying her, she didn’t quite think it was them at first which cased her to kick one of her teammates into a tree.

Once she realized she took him out of the tree and sat them down asking them what motives were there. One of them admitted her looks interested her on accident, but they both wanted to know how she got so much skill. She was relieved that they wasn’t trying to kill her, the earth user still had to heal so they just sat there and chat about stuff. She didn’t quite talk to people unless she needed something; it was quite an interesting experience for her. They wanted her type of training; she told them that she could have her training overlap with hers but nothing really special. They accepted quickly which would be the start of something different.

Whats Next ~

As she went home she felt better about herself, thinking maybe she got friends. The Lower Power shinobi instructed her to do research on the village one day if she gets the chance. While that was happening her injured sensei gave the report on how he was injured to the higher ranks, which questioned the little girl quickly. So as she was still twelve she was moving along in the quest of mastering the fire element as she felt she could take on another element, she started fighting her teammates in just Taijutsu low power and speed, they barely could manage but it made them better as they began to push her to go full power and finally that team was known as the “Lotus Squad” due to there high Physical Attributes.

This interest the higher ops, then an ANBU member was assigned to watch them silently, luckily she was practicing in the arts of chakra sensory, but for a while she couldn’t notice him. Then they left, she went to go and see as she went through library records. She didn’t get much information on it, so she knew she was going to meet him again so she went home and forgot about it. The ANBU report their skills, it seems the Lotus Squad was good enough to qualify for black ops in the future.

The Chuunin exams were starting in seven months, in that seven months they caught the same black ops member spying and were able to convince him into making him there sensei. They trained hard, the ANBU recording and reporting there every training session. Once they were thirteen they had heard they couldn’t be matched, she was usually the leader of the two but they went in passed the writing exams, as they went to make there way to the outside of the building a large room stood in there path in which held all the other gennin.

They tried to sit there like everything was cool and wait until given further instruction until someone thought it would be cool to flirt with Kai. She knocked him down quickly, it was a set up, two of the village gennin of their own got jealous and decided to attack at the same time only to get taken down using only hand –to- hand combat. The other gennin from other villages and hidden ANBU black ops playing gennin were scared and amused. They then made their way to the gates of the forest of death.

Hottest Shinobi ~

At age 14 she finally made Chuunin, she was delayed her rank for a moment until they just told her she just straight failed. So she just trained more with the lower power and finally passed with flying colors. Her usage in fire has gone through the roof, she didn’t want another element yet but the lower power insisted and finally she chooses earth but still focused on fire. After gaining a good knowledge and power in her second element she was a teenager now and she was very powerful and well known in the village as “Burning Lotus of the Whirlpool”

Which they kept making these comments about a man they called “The Dragon of the Leaf” So she did her research and heard his firepower was exclusive and it gave her such an interest. She trained for about four more months with the thoughts of surpassing him as she heard of the Uchiha clan and their great usage of fire; she was so strong she didn’t quite think she’d lose. She was still a chuunin indeed but she knew the waterfall village very well, and one day while walking around she came across a secret room of all types of scrolls that look interesting which she then found information on basically Kinjutsu.

She then learned the secret’s to her body and who is inside it. She went back and told the Lower Power which was very interested to find this, she chooses not to learn there forbidden arts and just trained with them to help prefect it. She began learning more fire techniques and perfecting her art to no end and finally she began to dab into the forbidden arts which gave her different out looks changing her personality. She made 17 and finally she became a jounin with the fact that her high affinity of fire and mostly everyone else is water and the skill and mental power it takes to be an elite ninja.

Sadly one day Lower Power headquarters was attacked while she was in it, she tried to fight them but more kept coming and eventually they were forced to flee which she felt was her most disapproving moments of her life and when they left the country they soon scattered after training more and hoping to meet each other again. For Kai it was different because she loved Lower Power so much she fought for them giving up her rank and everything…now what is there? When she showed herself she had just became kage of the mist.
Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Best Way to Contact:
RP Sample:
The thought of winning busted through his head as he begin to move and weave inside of his mind as him and his sensei began to speak to one another as sixteen seemed to think for just a split second which to him seemed so long as he thought of his team and what they went through together. He thought about his first strategy in which consist of him just breaking the whole environment and then use the broken parts and attack her with it, even though she looked fast, but even then the technique Lightning Speed enough was way to much for her, he would only have to go about two times his own base speed in which would still be a bit hard for her to match which is what made the thought so fun. He didn’t quite use strength at all, he always made sure his reflexes were good due to him being a missing ninja and he understood that he couldn’t afford to be caught slipping by these soft ass ninjas.

His speed was mostly not used on raw speed, he normally do something to pump his speed up and it got to the point where no matter how fast he moved he could still maintain it to a high degree. His use in Earth release is so famous, but he came to a halt to using it so much due to the fact that he felt it would be more necessary and fun to start fighting in all types of angles when it came to combat itself. He had little to no experience in this fight but a good year ago she would have already been on the ground done fighting due to his skills but he soon stopped because he felt he wanted a challenge and wanted it to be far and it stopped being fun. In Taijutsu he is and always will be a complete monster in this category. His sensei watched sixteen himself, sixteen when he was younger took out one of the higher ops out with one powerful kick and it was blocked to the fullest but the guard broke and so did the mans body. It was the first mission his sensei went with him and watched his progress, he trained him for three months and then watched and watched sixteen movements and flaws which wasn’t that much, asides the fact he could think of tactics while rushing was interesting enough but even sixteen knew that was such a dangerous thing to do against high level opponents. His skills in Ninjutsu is more of clever tactic then just attacking, asides the fact that he always find a way to defend and dodge an attack and yet he still doesn’t know his own fighting style.

So far, he met this female by her sudden attack in which at that instant he knew he should have killed her, but he didn’t know what she could do and felt it was time for fun. Her first attack seemed to be of the wind element, although he saw some green he knew it was wind style and he easily created an afterimage and appeared behind her all in a gennin type appearance. She couldn’t keep up with anything he did, that is when he found out she use a nice set of Genjutsu by using two at a time for the first in which didn’t give or push a scare on sixteen at all because he knew how to deal with it and on top of that the Genjutsu themselves were weak. The recent action has been basically to create a wall to defend against the little arrow attack that would be a bit of a problem if his arsenal wasn’t so big itself so of course after it was blocked with the thick and tall earth wall which was bad for her enough, him being so insulting he put his hands on the wall and absorbed the arrows getting a nice boast in chakra. Now he stands about a good amount of meters away from the wall in silence in mental debate of keeping this little game up or moves in for the first, and maybe final counter attack of this whole fight itself and just might end her.

While in debate he was sitting there mentally in conversation with his sensei in which was getting interesting until he spoke his judgment on his student in which of great advise and usually never wrong and his words always were powerful ‘Alright, its quite simple. This girl not only has a Doujutsu but has the element of Wind in which is in many opinion the most powerful in when it comes to the five main elements. But that isn’t the case; though I have to remember she is just a normal and extremely weak earthen human….Next is most likely another Genjutsu…I know you’ve been working on the powerful style of Time and Space….In fact didn’t you have a certain technique in which dealt with time and yourself’ in which was his first statement to the assassin in which wasn’t having a problem with it but he always wanted his sensei opinion because the tactics he use is interesting and he was never able to think of them ‘Actually yes…I do…The Space-Time Clone….Although it isn’t a clone at all…more like an actual person…’ was sixteen mental response before his sensei made his final statement about this conversation ‘Alright, I’m quite sure while she can’t see you its about time for a more stronger Genjutsu against you, probably a range type but she has to focus on the technique…I suppose you could distract her with the technique’ Then reality set in to sixteen and he was still standing there for the moment as he raised his left knee up “Thanks Sensei….” He spoke out loud but the volume was so low only he could hear it. He then slammed his foot in the ground, not into but on to, too loosen the wall and let it merge back into the ground but during that time which was plenty of time by the way he put his plan into play.

By slamming his palms together there was a large amount of smoke that appeared around the area, as he began to make hand seals very slow as he crouched and placed his hands on the ground as a buzzing sound began to erupt from the land as about a good twenty four inches in front of him appeared a exact replica of sixteen with the muscles, hair attire and everything as the smoke cleared as both of them stood in inches away from each other, the one behind the other was the original but then again the one in the front was the original as well, just from a different certain time. They both had gotten taller as well as got long cyan gloves and shoes, and white shorts and short sleeve shirt in which was all of the original appearance. The first original jumped back about 5 meters from what he summoned in which afterwards disappeared from sight and stayed underground with a small hole to watch the original. The second original or the clone, waited a few seconds before he could see his opponent clearly before using the Lightning Speed Technique, to pump himself up and jump into the air after hearing the girl and seeing the girl in the air speak of some random technique he intending on stopping it before it hit surface, he already mentally noted that she was using wind chakra to create flight.

As his jump was fast and once getting about 3 meters away with his body ready in position his eyes closed as he felt something was wrong as he instantly knew what the technique was. A mind infiltration technique as he felt the presence of someone in his mind. By this time the first original which was the summoned put his head down and hid in an unknown location. But the clone couldn’t do anything (Do to the technique not having any range and saying into ONES mind, it can’t spread to the original). Could this be it? Or was there more to come? As the seconds went by as she was successfully inside his mind which is usually a Yamanaka style but instead it was the mind that was messed with, but due to the fact that it was HIS mind he could control what ever that is there. So he sent her straight to the memory room, but this was just the first of many, though it was easy it wasn’t clear if she could tell he was planning something, or if he was planning something anyway. Point of the matter stated is basically he began to lock his mind up, not trying to let her escape or be able to get to any of his memories. As he locked those memories, her movements of his mind in which basically due to her being in his mind and not hers she couldn’t move at all body wise. The instant the clone locked his mind up he was instantly dispelled from the battle and due to her being in the clones mind he was moved to another dimension and not back to her own body she basically is now just a mindless body.

Rules Password: Will Of Fire

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PostSubject: Re: Kai Fuuma (Finished)   Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:02 am

Elemental Jutsu~

Non-Elemental Jutsu~
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PostSubject: Re: Kai Fuuma (Finished)   Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:44 am

After reviewing your application, your character has been approved! You may now start your Role-Playing adventures! Please first stop by the Bingo Book and add in your Character Sheet.
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PostSubject: Re: Kai Fuuma (Finished)   

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Kai Fuuma (Finished)
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