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PostSubject: Yaiko Tatsu.   Yaiko Tatsu. EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 9:41 pm

~The Basics~
Yaiko Tatsu. Untitl11
First Name:Yakio
Last Name:Tatsu
Village: Konoa

~The Blood Work~

Blood Type:AB positive
Kekkei Genkai:(WIP)

~The Physics~

Appearance:52.7 inches and weighs about 60 pounds. since he doesnt have a family he doesnt tend to care how others view him. He has snake bites, angle bites, and spider bites. His hair is simi long that just about cover's his eye. He has jet black hair. His eyes are Blue but tend to change color dependiing on his mood. He has a birth mark on his right sholder.
Clothing:He has a hat that he wears pretty much all the time though it seems new he owned it for quite some time now. The hat has studs on it going around it till it hit the rim of it. On the rim of the hat it has a design of wave looking sysmbols. He has a shirt that's black with purple strips going threw it. His shirt hardly fit's him it seem's like but he felt it let him have more space to move around in. He has a button up slik shirt thats blue that he wears alot but doesnt button it up. .He has a pair of black skinny jeans that have a hole in both the knees and he has a plain black fingerless gloves. His belt he owns is a black base with purple and black studs on it. He wears headphones most of the time just to keep himself intertained. He get's no respect from anyone in his village because of the way he look's and dresses.

~The Traits~

Likes:Music, Clouds, moon, stars, ramen, sleeping, hights, the sound of running water, laughing at the people who are laughing at him.
Dislikes:SUN, Ignorant people, dumb people, Being interrupted, Sleeping, Night, Extrem ammounts of talking.
Personality: An i dont care attitude along with not alot of talking unless he is hanging out with his friends if he even has any.
Attitude: Kinda shy but still with the i dont care mood. Talking can be normal sometimes but if the other person makes him mad or annoy him in any way he wont say much. He tends to stare the other person in the eye when he talks. Kinda free spirt and will do anything if someone asks him to come along as he feels that their trying to be his frends even though that has almost gotten him killed many time's.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Charka Control
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon: Ground spikes

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main:Ninjutsu
  • Sub:Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main:Katon
  • Main:Futon
  • Sub:Shakuton

Special Characteristics:A young master of hand to hand combat with charka control. He like it up close and personal using ninjutsu as more of a destraction to close the gap between him and his enemy.

Flaws/Weaknesses: Anything that become's long range but he is not at a compleate disadvantage because of his training he is fast on his feet and and doge most long range attacks but cant hurt his enemy to much if he keeps his distance.


E: 3
C: 4

Name:Sensougouheki (Wind Style: Rumbleing wind wall)

Rank: C
Type: Attack/ Defence

Chakra: 50
Damage Points: 40

Description: User creates a wall of spinning wind in front of him that is used to push back weapons thrown towards him. It can also be used against taijutsu close range attacks, but the wall can be pushed back with a stronger wind jutsu

Name: Kaiten Shuriken (Wind Style: Rotating Shuriken)
Rank: C
Type: Attack

Chakra: 50
Damage Points: 40

Description: The user will first focus on his Wind chakra and create spinning air gusts. When the air gusts are ready, he will throw up to 4 Shuriken's, which will
engage with the gusts through the air as spinning disks. These disks are controlled by the user can be thrown individually towards the opponent.

Name: Kami Kaze (Wind Style: Divine Wind)
Rank: C
Type: Defence / Attack

Chakra: 40
Damage Points: 30

Description:After gathering Wind chakra, the user will use it to generate 4 pillars of spinning wind around him. Then he can direct them towards the opponent or by
using a suitable fire jutsu, the user can create a stong wind-fire elemental combination attack

Name: Hosenka no Jutsu - Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

Damage Points:40

Description: This jutsu sends multiple balls of fire at a target. It is also possible to hide shuriken within the fireballs, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack. For the most part, however, this jutsu is used as a distraction.

~The Story~

Family: Unknown
History: From as far back as he can remember He never really had a family. His mom was always out late and his dad just beat him around and yelled at his mom for comming home late and he was always saying she was up to no good. He grew up with that and endded up having to live alone and hide all the marks his father has given him. Always doing the house work and never really playing outside like every other normal kid. Though something happened on his 8th birthday. he came home from buying stuff at the store for the house when he found a note from his dad. To sum it up it endded with son i caught your mouther in bed with another man and i killed the both of them and now im going to kill myself i emptyed our savings account and now i want you to surive sorry i made youre life so hard. For give me Im deeply sorry for all the pain i put you through. After he read the note he fell to the ground not know what to do. Two years passed and he was now a genin. He spent all the money his dad left him on ciggy Poo's ( cigarettes ). He compleated at the vary top of his class even if he trained extreamely hard every day and night.

Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Best Way to Contact: pm
RP Sample: As the sun began to set and the moon rise it started to get cold outside. The wind blew more to the south west and the smell of rain came with it. The Small village was quite and it seemed like no one was awake as if the entire village was dead or something. As the moon reached the highest point in the sky you could see moving shadows but they wernt shadows they were Ninja's comming to kill out the entire village that already seemed to be lifeless as it was. They started to cross a plain that was infront of the village where their stood only one person that looked the age of about 13. As the ninjas got close the young man or woman lit up a smoke and started walking up to the group of ninja's running twords the village.

As the other ninja saw him they started a formation that circled the enemy. the young man stoped and let them do what they were doing. As they finished the young man asked "What are you doing here" You could tell his age from the way he talked and he sound to be about 10 years old. The other ninja didnt seem like they want to answer his question though as one sent a kunai at the young man. He barely saw it before he had time to react by moving his head out of the way but it sliced his cigarette clean in half. As soon as that happened the young mans arms were covered in fire. "How Dare you brake my last Cigarette!!!!) the young man screamed jumpping at the ninja right infront of him. As he jummped in mid air a gust of wind blew all the ninja behind him back some. His fist conected with the ninja that seemed like he was the leader becausehe had more charka out of the bunch. As it conected he started falling when the young man came with a spin and his heal into the ninja's forhead slaming him into the ground.

As he landed he heard the sound of water rush from behind as a water Dragon flew and landed on the ninja he just slammed into the ground but he was already out of the way of the dragon and creating a wind piller beside him. As it started crashing in the path of the ninja that just used the water dragon jutsu. The ninja doged with ease but wasnt ready for a close range fire ball from behind him. As it made direct contact the other ninja that were with them started running away. They ran like their life depended on it and they were right to do so too. As they left The young ninja started walking slowly back to the small village and he reached into his shoulder pocket and pulled out another pack of cigarette's and lit one up. Once he made it under a tree he laied down just as it started to poor down rain.

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