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 Zassou Clan

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PostSubject: Zassou Clan   Zassou Clan EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 6:44 pm

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Kekkei Genkai: Allowing one who is of this clan to manipulate a number of vines, 24 total, from within to outside of their own body. The clan is implanted into the body directly through zassou seeds and those seeds give an immunity to the Zassou Poison that is found within the vines only. The cure is a different poison located inside the spiders of black widows while also frog saliva works as well. The vines can be used so long as you train the manipulation jutsu process.

Clan Traits: The clan first began in Kusa no Kuni, and those belonging to it carried the last name of ‘Zassou’. It has been around for less than 100 years, and was created by three young shinobi of Kusagakure no Sato who all had a deep affection for plants. With this, each agreed on trying to figure out a way to be one with these plants, and all shared a compassion for the vine. On one day, one of the three friends had figured it out, his process for the idea would take essential time, and Medical-nin would be needed. The plan would be to place three seeds of a sacred vine into ones body. The vines would need to be implanted in certain portions of the body, and would develop with the clan member as they grew.

The members have several holes in their body where the vines had been planted, which allow them to shoot and manipulate the vines that thrive in their body. The holes are formed by the Medical-nin upon a member, and are sealed throughout the body so only the vine is able to move through the tunnels. A large hole in the middle of the members stomach, 3 holes are created at the bottom of each foot, and special standard shinobi scandals are manufactured for the members who use the foot vines. Upon the hands, tiny holes are cut out on the tip of each finger -excluding the thumb- and each palm has three holes. A hole on each shoulder is formed by the Medical-nin, one last one in the middle of their forehead.

Behaviors among members, who possess the vines, differ between the males and females. One thing is clear, and is the only thing that unites the two sexes together, is their hatred for those of Kusagakure no Sato. Some let go of the grudge as life goes on, but most despise those who caused the two massacres of the clan. Besides that, the females have a hatred for the males that only is known to the females, for not being able to prevent each massacre that happened to the clan. The males are far different from the females, each respect all members -even the females- for too this day most remain oblivious to what the females are still currently trying to accomplish within the clan. Most of the members that possess the vines tend to stay in groups together, wandering the world; these are mostly Missing-nin, for few of them live in shinobi villages. For those who do become shinobi in a particular village, they often are the only ones who hold the power of vine manipulation within their bodies.


Home Village: Kusagakure (Grass Village)
Clan History: The Zassou clan has been around for less than 100 years, and as time has gone on, the once flourishing and heavily populated clan has dwindled down. It was formed and created by three young shinobi of Kusagakure no Sato who all had a compassion for plant life. The three were the closest of friends; two were twin brothers, while the other was a young girl who had been born into a separate family. Both families seemed more like a one family together, but in technicality they were indeed two separate families.

As all became Gennin; Kuuki was the name of the young girl, who seemed to be in love with one of the brothers; Tawamure, who had been born only minutes before his twin Kawamure. This “love” was more of a crush but it was enough to cause tension between the twins, resulting in the close bond the three had shared when they were young, to break. Kuuki and Tawamure would always still spend time together, mostly around the many types of plants within Kusa no Kuni. Together, the two discovered an intriguing plant; this plant was that of a type of vine, which concealed a fast acting liquid poison within it. Kuuki found it to be an amazing sight, while Tawamure seemed to fear being around it; afraid of possibly getting the poison on his own skin.

Each day, the two would go to the same spot, to examine the vine, and how it grew each day. They would test the poison upon insects at first, and would watch as this chemical worked. The test subjects would burn, the sight of it was clear, but insects weren’t enough to know what exactly this poison did. So, the two agreed on testing it out upon Kawamure; they knew he’d be angrier with them than before, but it was the only way to test this intriguing poison that seemed to have yet been discovered at this point. As planned, one night, Kuuki easily lured Kawamure out to the forest with her, where the two joined up with Tawamure. To no surprise, Kawamure was furious about this as he had never wanted to look at his brother’s face anymore. However, Kuuki managed to calm him, and took that moment drip poison upon his left arm.

With this done, Kawamure began to freak, unsure of what this substance was, both Kuuki and Tawamure were frightened, and feared that by doing this they may have killed Kawamure. For each insect had died once they had come in contact with this poison. A panicked Kawamure described the pain he was beginning to suffer from; one being the burning sensation where the poison had came in contact with his skin. Both Kuuki and Tawamure were curious to learn of others ways to see what this poison could do, and the thought of dripping some underneath Kawamure’s skin came into mind. They knew it would be dangerous, but, they were testing this poison, and Kawamure was their test subject as of now.

While the pain he continued to suffer on his arm continued, a cut was placed on his other arm, and the poison was dripped into the cut. Pain filled Kawamure, as he began to describe the intense pain he felt once more. The poison was starting to cause his sight to become blurry, nausea was felt; as his body would begin to sweating immensely. However, it seemed this poison was non-fatal at this point, and with that, Kuuki and Tawamure called it form that point on; Nenshou Sesshoku. The feelings Kawamure felt lasted for several hours, and as he awoke from his bed the next morning these harsh effects had gone. Kawamure had plain out told both Kuuki and his brother that he no longer wished to bother with them again, and the two accepted his decision; for at the moment, they cared only for each other, plant life, and the vine that held the Nenshou Sesshoku.

As time went on, the three had moved up to the rank of Chuunin, as Kuuki and Tawamure would continue to test and examine the Nenshou Sesshoku. During this time, an idea had been brought up by Tawamure, and this was to combine themselves with this vine. For the two loved being around this plant and placing it inside them would be an interesting way to test things. It angered others when they asked them to be their test subjects, and so agreed from that point on, that they would test things on each other instead. The first thing the two did was to find two seeds, one for each of them, and implant it into the body. Kuuki, who was a Medical-nin, would implant it into both her and Tawamure, and the two would let it grow inside them.

As time passed on for the two, they grew older, and as they grew so did the seeds inside them. Their bodies had become one with the vine, and used little amounts of chakra to manipulate the vines. This allowed them to shoot vines from their bodies, as holes were cut from their body to allow the vines to move about. Each time a certain amount of vines were used, the seed would grow more, replacing the amount that had just been released from the body. The two would then learn of the poison throughout their body, and were shocked to learn that as they grew with the vine, their body became immune to the Nenshou Sesshoku. However, it still affected all who came in contact with it, and Kawamure had finally committed his terrifying suicide; which hurt both Kuuki and Tawamure.

The two eventually married, and were the stars of Kusagakure because of the unique traits both had obtained. However, one person in Iwagakure feared this ability, for he believed those who carried this new trait would attempt to take control of Kusagakure no Sato. The two had children as they grew older; an older son named Makai; a daughter named Kiri; and lastly a younger son named Kaze. At their birth, Medical-nin implanted the same seeds into all three babies. Cutting holes in their bodies in similar places of both Kuuki and Tawamure had.

As all three babies grew, the seeds grew to vines as well; their bodies’ immune to Nenshou Sesshoku like their parents. The three married as they grew older and their children also received the seeds, and the techniques that came as they grew. As Kuuki and Tawamure grew old, they still remained leaders of their clan which they named and called; Zassou, this name has been the last name of each member for years and still does. All seemed fine, and those within this new clan created were worshipped by those of Kusagakure no Sato. However, a group of shinobi began to plot a massacre of the Zassou, they began this since the grandchildren of Kuuki and Tawamure had been born. Their plan was to lure all Zassous from the village during the night, by stating Kuuki and Tawamure had called for one, which worked out the way they wanted. The end result was horrifying for the Zassous, as all members were slaughtered, with the exception of Zassou Kiri; the daughter of Kuuki and Tawamure.

With this first massacre, all of Kusagakure were in shock to learn of the deaths of everyone except Kiri, and the investigation began to figure out who was the cause of onslaught. Though, it didn’t make it far, and too this day it is still trying to be figured out who caused this. However, it has been determined that not all died from the massacre, but that some escaped to other countries; wounded, but still remain alive. As several years past by, the clan was rebuilt, but for a second time, there was a massacre. Some escaped again, but most were pronounced deceased in the woods of Kusa no Kuni. Kiri who died of old age after escaping the massacre, stated before her death that she believes there is a traitor within the clan, who wishes to be the only living Zassou. To this day, it has yet to be figured out who was the cause of both massacres, but a certain point was been made, it was a group of Missing-nin who led this onslaught.


Clan Leader: [Yet to be filled]
Current Members: [None applied yet]


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:

Clan Poison

Name: Nenshou Sesshoku ("Burning touch")
Rank: B
Type: Clan - Poison
Range: Found in Vines
Element: Poison
Description: Once the poison gets in contact with one’s skin the poison will give a burning feeling to it, similar to a sting from an insect of some sort. If this poison is brought underneath the skin, it is able to cause blurry and distorted vision, nausea and intense sweating. This effect stays for six posts made by the one effected by it, however if you have the specific antidote for it and use it right away it will wear off after two posts made by the effected by it. This poison is constantly in a liquid form, but can be reverted into a gas form. It is a dark purple color, that can be seen easily.
Damage Points: 15 per post. After 6 posts it become 5 per post unless healed.
Restriction: Once chunnin this is automatically learned. To learn while as a genin requires 300 words in a single post of training (Does not require all 3 days of training.)

Clan Jutsu:

Multi-Rank Jutsu

D Rank

C Rank

B Rank

A Rank


Avalibility: To be apart of this clan you can not have a specialty in fire or wind jutsu. You can never learn rasengan. You must have two added paragraphs in your history stating on how you survived the clan's massacre. Lastly you must have this clan's creator's approval on your character app before any staff approve your app.
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Zassou Clan
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