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 Shindorma Clan (Done)

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Konoha Shinobi

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Jutsu List:

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PostSubject: Shindorma Clan (Done)   Shindorma Clan (Done) EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 6:04 pm

Clan Name: Shindorma
Clan Symbol Shindorma Clan (Done) Ec69f_10

Kekkei Genkai: Meshmagan

Clan Traits: Power’s to move as fast as light itself.
Masters at Charka Control


Home Village: Kona
Clan History: As far as anyone knew this clan was destroyed during the first great ninja war and only kages / jonin would still know the clan but might need a refreshment as no one talks about it anymore. This clan was small but feared by all because of their unique powers to move extremely fast. Their other ability was their control of charka in everything so it was common when a ninjutsu was used against them they would take the charka out of the ninjutsu or gather the enemy’s charka around them and then mix it with their own and send it back. There is a way to take charka from around you but by doing it you end up killing everything and since trees and plants don’t have too much charka then it’s just a waste and takes a while to use too.
This clan has been known to be the destroyer of the world as they seem to suck up charka everywhere they go.

Clan Leader: Yaiko Tatsu
Current Members: Yaiko Tatsu


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:
Common Jutsu’s / Passive traits
Name: Jutsu Absorb
Rank: Unknown
Type: Defense
Charka: Half of what the enemy used.
Damage: 0
Description: As long as the user of this jutsu has the same element that is casted at him and is in stage 2+ the user can absorb the enemy’s jutsu for half of what the enemy used for it. For example 30 charka would reduce down to 15 and the charka is dispelled. Note the main downfall for this jutsu is that the user has to have the same charka element as the one the enemy casted Vary limited use in battle

Genin can absorb up to E - D maybe C depending how strong it is.
Chunnin – Can absorb up to E to C Vary little rank B’s
Jonin / Anbu – Can absorb up to E to B Some rank A’s
Kage – Can absorb All ranks except rank S.

Name: Absorb
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Charka: 0
Damage Points: 0
Description: This ability can take charka away from living thing around the user but needs time to do so. 3 post to absorb form living thing trees = 1 Charka each plants = .5 charka limit area 20ft

Name: Speed Increases
Rank: E
Type: Passive
Charka: 0
Damage 0
Description: Clan members have been known to have inhuman speed and thus why they were wiped out during the first great war.

Name: Stage One Charka vision.
Rank: D
Type: Attack / Defense

Damage Points:

Description: The user can see charka flowing in everything and their charka points open more to allow more charka release to come out of their body. This is stage 1 out of 5. They can now summon an element to be covered by their hands without charka burns. Their Speed Increases
Name: Stage Two Charka Release.
Rank: C
Type: Attack / Defense

Damage Points:

Description: This is stage 2 out of 5. In this Stage the users charka points are opened I tiny bit farther allowing their element to spread up their arms. Their eyes can now see the charka points inside another human’s body and their speed greatly increases.
Name: Stage Three Charka Flow
Rank: B
Type: Attack / Defense

Damage Points:

Description: The users speed is increased Their eyes are able to since movement from all around the user and slow things down just a tiny bit so the user has time to react to ether doge or put counter force into it to cancel out the blow. Charka points on the feet open up to allow the element to cover up his feet.
Name: Stage Four Charka explosion
Rank: A
Type: Attack

Damage Points:

Description: Allows the user to open up all Charka points on his body and can also use charka to create charka blades from the users hand to too extend the reach of another weapon. While in this stage the users speed increases even more and their eyes adapt to the speed allowing them to use low rank jutsu at fast moving speed. In a case where the user is surrounded the user can expel a blast of charka powerful enough to knock even the strongest opponent back and block kunai’s and such.

Name: Stage Five Charka Fusion
Rank: S
Type: Forbidden

Chakra: 95% users max charka
Damage Points:

Description: The user Can take control of all the charka around him allowing him to use it to enhance his own jutsu packing them with extreme amounts of charka. In this case the user himself can make charka in the air turn into blue rose peddles falling from the sky but he can control them even though they look beautiful theirs extremely deadly as they cut just like a blade would and also can go through almost anything that is made from charka. Note this stage has a max of 5 post and after this stage is done the user is knocked unconscious.

Availability: Contact Yaiko
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Shindorma Clan (Done)
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