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 Electric Malice

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Akio Tanken
Suna Shinobi
Suna Shinobi

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PostSubject: Electric Malice   Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:10 pm

'But Dad! I know I can do this!' 'Chijoku, no you can't! Stop!' 'No father!'

Another day, another fight. It killed Akio to have to live with his son's attitude about wanting to create this clan. It unnerved him to no end, the fighting really did. He had to get away, and the best way to? Training. The Sunagakure Jounin had stormed his way across the village to the Enclosed Area so he could train new destructive jutsu that he had just studied upon. First off, there was the Raiton: Raikyu, a C-Rank Ninjutsu that he knew he could master and secondly, there was the Raiton: Myaku Kyuutai, a B-Ranked Ninjutsu. Making his way to a secluded corner, Akio began his training.

Preforming three hand-signs, the ones of the dog, ox, and dragon, Akio muttered, "Raiton: Raikyu". Between his hands, chakra seemed to gather and a ball of electricity had been formed. The sparks seemed to dance around his fingertips and Akio was pleased. But that all seemed to end once the ball dissapeared. It seemed as if he would have to now work on sustaining the Ninjutsu before doing anything else. Growling slightly, the adult would try once more, "Raiton: Raikyu" this time putting a little more chakra into the jutsu. The electric ball formed in his hands again but this time, exploded and sent Akio skidding back slightly.

What was he doing wrong? He added more cha- That was it! He needed less chakra! It was only a C-Ranked Ninjutsu and it made Akio wonder why he was adding the amount he would for his S-Ranked Ninjutsu? Preforming his handsigns once more, he didn't bother to say the Jutsu's name for the ball of lightning had already formed in his hands. The ball was slightly bigger than his first attempt, but smaller than his second; the electricity bounced around yet again at a faster pace this time. Akio smiled for this time the jutsu seemed to be staying intact. The Jonin then threw the ball of lightning at the nearby wall and was pleased when it made a small explosion but big dent.

It was now time for Akio to move onto his B-Ranked Ninjutsu which he dubbed Raiton: Myaku Kyuutai. This move, unlike Raiton: Raikyu, consisted of only two hand-signs; the boar and the rooster. After preforming the two hand-signs, Akio held out his right hand verticaly and felt the chakra surge into his palm. The electricity from the Raiton Chakra came not a moment later and seemingly blasted out of the sphere that grew on his palm in a beam of cerulean blue. This made the dent from the Raiton: Raikyu bigger and actually blast out unto the other side, destroying a vendor's cabbage cart in the process. Akio sighed and sheepishly waved for his apologies, making a mental note to go send Chijoku out later to pay for the damages.

There had to be a way to stop the beam of Chakra from coming so fast. This time, Akio covered his hand with Raiton Chakra, the electricity dancing around his hand and preformed the hand-signs once more. As he felt the chakra gathering in his palm, the Jounin slapped his left hand on top of the palm, this stopping the beam from coming. A grin crossed the male's face as he walked around and found a large pile of sand that was set to be layed across the field for a battle. With Akio being the only one here, the Jonin let go of the hold he had on the jutsu and let it fly. The sand flew all over the place and Akio was pleased. He knew that there was another attack this jutsu could unleash, but he was happy that he got the stronger attack first. After all, a burst of lightning was much better than multiple lightning bolts ever was. And what was better was he could slightly control when the jutsu was fired!

Finally, Akio was done with his days training. The Jonin walked calmly out of the area of enclosure and wondered about how he would be able to say sorry to his son.


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Kallen Shey

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PostSubject: Re: Electric Malice   Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:53 pm

Raiton: Raikyu - First Day of Jutsu Training Complete
Raiton: Myaku Kyuutai - First Day of Jutsu Training Complete
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Electric Malice
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